Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winter Soldier #11

And we're sadly reaching the end of the Brubaker era at Marvel...  But instead of going with my initial response to that(sobbing hysterically), I'll just enjoy what we have left...

Winter Soldier #11

Summary: Leo and Black Widow are still several steps ahead of Bucky, who is teaming with Hawkeye throughout this issue.  The two chase after a bunch of clues left behind by Leo and ends up fighting their way through some AIM agents who were exploring an old Soviet weapon's cashe(that they were presumably led to by Leo).  Upon entering the weapon room, Hawkeye and Bucky find... Well, nothing.  Leo had been their earlier and cleaned the place out.  However, there is an old hard drive and Leo pops up on the screen and tells Bucky that the hard drive had a mission for the Winter Soldier on it.  And if Bucky doesn't have the programming put in his head?  Leo kills Widow.

Thoughts: This issue was a bit of a step backwards from the total awesomeness that was the last issue.  I mean it was okay, but it was also a whole lot of nothing...  Hawkeye and Bucky wandered around for a while, fought some AIM agents, and Leo told Bucky his nefarious plot.  Which was pretty cool actually...  With Leo living in the past, it makes sense he'd want both Bucky and Widow working with him.  Leo's interactions with the weapon's maker here were also pretty good, as he made it obvious that he wanted everything Bucky has, and wanted to earn it.  I'm still looking forward to the final confrontation between Bucky and Leo(in a HUGE way!), but this issue was a bit of a sidestep.

Score: 7 out of 10.
winter soldier #11
Um, I can't think of a caption for this picture...

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