Monday, October 8, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #32

The best thing about this storyline?  It actually has Daken in it.  And he's being written pretty damn well(for a change...).  That's pretty much all the intro I have for this one.

Uncanny X-Force #32

Summary: While Wolverine and Psylocke are breaking into the Brotherhood's underwater base(you have to wonder where the bad guys got that place from), Deadpool is trying to free Evan/Kid Apocalypse from Brotherhood captivity.  Evan isn't sure if he should go with Deadpool, since, you know, X-Force killed his prior self and Fantomex lied about his entire life and all.  Unfortunately for Pool, Daken, AOA Blob and one of the Omega Reds attack him.  Pool surprisingly holds his own against the villains, at least until Evan blasts Pool in the back, with a little mental prodding from the Shadow King.  Meanwhile, AOA Nightcrawler and Mystique have a heart to heart about the 616 Nightcrawler and AOA Mystique.  Mystique promises to serve AOA Blob up to AOA Nightcrawler, provided he betrayed X-Force...  From there, Deadpool is being tortured by that Omega Red, while Daken is getting annoyed by the fact that he has yet to turn Evan to the dark side.  Wolverine finally arrives on the scene, attacking an Omega Red, that skinless dude who hates Fantomex, and Sabretooth.  While that battle is taking place, Psylocke is quietly making her way to Deadpool.  Unfortunately for Psylocke, the Shadow King senses her and drags her on to the astral plane for a confrontation.  Back with Wolvie, he has all but dispatched the bad guys when AOA Nightcrawler and Eva(in her human form) teleport in...  But wait!  It turns out "Eva" is actually Mystique in disguise!  Mystique sticks Wolvie with a mutant power dampening poison and AOA Nightcrawler tells the downed Wolvie that he had indeed turned on him.

Thoughts:  Hey, hey, this was a great comic!  First off, this version of the Brotherhood is probably among my all-time favorites.  It's basically a who's who of X-villains, but without Magneto or Apocalypse there to monopolize the page-time.  There's really not all that much I can say negatively about this one...  Everything played out the way I would have hoped, and this issue ended with all of the heroes in mortal jeopardy...  What more could you want?  Hell, even Daken was written well, which is something I haven't seen since his glory days in Dark Wolverine!  Nope, no complaints here.

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.
uncanny x-force #32
If you ever wondered what the villains did when there were no heroes around, now you know.

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