Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16

Hey guys, JT here with a change from our regularly scheduled program, I've decided to review Ultimate Spider-Man instead of Nightwing, I'd been holding off on reviewing this series since we skipped so many issues but I think this is a good series and it should be reviewed, so why not start here?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16

Summary: We start things off with Miles' dad, Jefferson, trying to get home to find out about his family, but the government has his street blocked off due to the United We Stand drama which has been going on for the last few issues. Because he's belligerent and worried about his family, he tries to go past the barricade, and ends up getting sent to a detention area, Meanwhile, Miles is trying to help Captain America and says he wants to join the Avengers. Cap verbally decimates Spidey by telling him that he's too young, he's not ready and etc. and to leave before he arrests him. The argument is ended when a HYDRA attacks and Spidey saves Captain America from falling to his doom with some quick webbing skills. From there, Cap and Spidey, accompanied by a few Hulkbusters take on HYDRA agents galore, and Miles even helps re-direct a rocket that was aimed at a building of civilians. Captain America things Miles may be in trouble but is shocked to see miles handled his own and stopped the rocket, and even helped Cap get the drop on the last HYDRA agents. Surprisingly, Captain America tells Miles he was wrong, and that Miles is in fact ready, and offers him a spot on The Ultimates, which Miles quickly accepts. He's then introduced to his new teammates, Iron Man, Thor and his old-pal Spider-Woman. Miles puts a hold on the festivities and calls his mom to tell her that he's okay, and says he's safe over Ganke's house. His mom says she hasn't heard from Miles' dad and Miles says he hasn't either, but his mom says that's him on the other line and she'll call Miles back. Miles is then told by Tony Stark to come on because he's not going to want to miss what's about to happen. The issue ends as Miles and the rest of The Ultimates watch on as Captain America announces that he's accepting the position of President of the United States of America.

Thoughts: This issue flew by man, It was full of so much fighting and action it didin't take long to read at all. I enjoyed the reasons Cap said Spidey wasn't ready, but I also liked that Spidey got to prove himself to captain America and earned his respect and a spot on the team. I can see this more as a training exercise than Miles being a full-fledged member, but I guess we'll see. Miles' dad being an idiot and acting like he doesn't know you can't cross police barriers really annoyed me, I get that he was upset and whatnot but there's a barrier for a reason, if his family were in their home, I'm sure they would've been escorted it and past the barrier... him acting like an ass came off as more of him being an idiot than a worried husband and parent. Overall, this was an average issue, but with the invitation to the Ultimates, that saved it from being forgettable, which definitely helps. I'm interested in seeing what happens now though, with Miles as a member of the Ultimates, his Uncle dead and his father in a detention area, there's a few ways this could go, I'm interested in seeing what happens to Miles next.

Score: 7/10 

Iron man: Welcome to the Ultimates, kid.

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  1. Good to see the Ultimate U get some coverage here. Both the Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men have been consistently fantastic in the Divided/United crossovers. USM has been a bit more up and down, but I'd say there's been more up than down.

    Brian Wood's Ultimate X-Men has been my favorite of the bunch. More than almost any other book I'm reading, there's a sense that anything could happen, and I've really grown to like Ultimate Kitty and Bobby. The jury's still out on Wolverine's kid Jimmy. Rogue is a bit too emo for my tastes, but I'm probably spoiled by how cool her 616 version is now (except for that whole Magneto romance angle, ew).