Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Comic Day! October 24th edition.

Hey Comic Misfits, JT here with this week's New Comic Day post! As you may have noticed, I didn't get around to reviewing Hawkeye #3 and Venom #26, and I apologize for that, but things have been a bit busy around here with myself and my good buddy X. X will probably be taking a week or two off from blogging, which he'll delve into a bit below, leaving things in my less than capable, yet very manly hands. :P I'm not going to promise a review everyday, but I will try to get at least three reviews up between Thursday and Monday. That may even be a hard feat considering I'm only getting five comics this week! And those five comics are Batman: The Dark Knight #13, Invincible #96, Amazing Spider-Man #696, AVX Consequences #3, and Deadpool #63. I'll more than likely end up reviewing ASM #696, AVX Consequences #3 and Batman: The Dark Knight #13. So expect those at some point... And now, here's my pal X.

Hey X-Maniacs.  A very sore X here to echo what my friend JT just said.  I won't be able to do much blogging the next week at the very least, and possibly longer depending on what my doctor tells me.  Yep...  Anyway, with JT running things around here, things honestly couldn't be in better hands.  I'm actually getting a ton of books this week(or actually my brother is picking them up for me since I can't drive yet...), so here's what I'm expecting my brother to drop off for me.  I, Vampire #13, Justice League Dark #13, National Comics #1, Teen Titans #13, Invincible #96, Wolverine #315, Amazing Spider-Man #696, Avengers #32, AvX: Consequences #3, Captain America #19, Captain America and Black Widow #638, Deadpool #63, Invincible Iron Man #527, Journey Into Mystery #645, Secret Avengers #33 and Ultimates #17.  So as usual, a LOT of comics!  But that'll give me something to read while I recuperate, so that actually works out this week!  So huzzah!  I guess...  Anyway, the three I'm most looking forward to reading would probably be Spidey, Cap and Deadpool.  One more thing before I vanish for a while.  A year ago, JT and I started up a message board called, you guessed it, X-Man's Comic Forum.  If you guys want to head over there to talk about any of the comics JT and I listed here, go for it.  Or join the forum and you can try to get a conversation started on a comic me and my buddy may not be reading, but other people may want to talk about it.  For now, the forum may be the easiest way for me to talk comics, since it doesn't include all that much typing/thought.  So if you want, check the forum out HERE.  That's it for a very tired X, until later, see you guys.  X out.


  1. okay, I know this sounds kind of fan-ficy, but I thought of something with Hazmat's and Mettle's situation; why not give them a on-and-off switch for their powers instead of a full-on cure?

    Seirously, they could repurpose the suit Hazmat to be able to turn her powers on and off with the helmet acting as the switch, and she put her usual clothes over her costume similar to how most heroes put their costumes put their coustumes under their casual clothes. BUT this time there would be a purpose for that.

    As for Mettle, he could get neuro-sensors put into his blood stream so he can at least feel things again, but still have his invulnerability. AND they can also give him a holo-watch thing that can help him have the appearance of his old self, even if it's a hologram.

    I know it's not a full-on fix to their problem, but at least THIS would give them a way to live a some-what normal life in their secret identities.

    1. Okay, I know it sounds weird, but's better then the crud that's coming up.

  2. Journey into mystery 645. Not going to spoil it here, but wow. Just wow.

  3. you can talk about JIM in the forum, we had already discus the event of this issue but would be glad to hear your opinion...