Thursday, October 4, 2012

AVX: Vs #6(of 6)

Okay, here's a comic that I wished I hadn't read...  Why?  Well, let's dig into it.

AVX: Vs #6

Summary: If you haven't read Avengers vs X-Men #12, then you probably shouldn't read any further........  Still here   Cool.  This one starts off with Hope vs the Scarlet Witch from AVX #12.  Wanda is more skilled, while Hope swipes Wanda's power and tosses it back at her.  Eventually Captain America and Iron Man walk over and Cap tells them to cut it out.  Wanda shakes Hope's hand, which leads to Hope punching Wanda out to "win" that fight...  Oh the hilarity...  My sides are splitting...  Ha.  Ha.  Yeah.  And then?  It got WORSE!!!  After that "battle" we get 8 other battles.  Cyclops and Cap argue(written by, who else, Bendis!) in what I guess was supposed to be funny, while all the scientists from each side battle to a stalemate(apparently).  Havok beats Cap in a splash page because, "the X-Office put this book together."  Next up Domino defeats Rulk with her probability powers, while Jarvis defeats Toad after knocking him out of a window with a punch.  Hawkeye then fantasizes about Spider-Woman fighting Storm, Emma Frost and Psylocke, followed by Iceman defeating Iron Fist with a hailstorm, because he's Storm now...  Finally something awful happens between Pixie and Squirrel Girl, but since I hate both characters, I'm going to ignore THAT one.

Thoughts: Humor, my friends, is a very subjective thing.  What one person may find funny, another may find childish and unbearable.  This comic?  For me?  Was not funny.  AT ALL.  It was obviously meant to be funny, but it sucked.  NONE of the humor connected with me, except for maybe the Hawkeye story, 'cause it was something I could see Hawkeye doing.  As for the main story?  It was what it was.  I hated Hope prior to reading this issue, and I hate her after reading this story.  It changed nothing.  Instead of doing the mature thing and shaking hands after her little skirmish with Wanda, she cheap-shots her.  Why would I ever like a character like that?!  One who starts a fight, while the Earth is being destroyed, and then punches an unsuspecting woman in the face?!?  Cue the Hope fans saying that she had to punch Wanda because... I don't know, Wanda is a jerk.  Anyway, this comic was awful, and doesn't compliment the main AVX book in the least.  My best advice is to save your $4 and skip this one.

Score: 2 1/2 out of 10.
avx vs #6
Sure, the reasoning may be asinine, but the picture is pretty awesome.


  1. i agree. they tried to b funny, i get it. but the tone didn't work 4 me neither. and my biggest complaint: if i had known it was not canon, i could have saved some bucks!

    1. Agreed 100%. The only reason I brought this one was because I thought it would be more heavily tied to AvX #12. I really wish I knew it wasn't a real tie-in, 'cause I wouldn't have brought it then.