Monday, June 25, 2012

JT's Take: Venom #19

Hey guys and gals, today we're gonna tackle the most recent issue of Venom, which is probably the most consistently good series I've read since Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl, so let's see if this issue stands up to all the hype.

Venom #19

Summary: We pick things up where we left off, with Flash revealing himself to Betty, who is pissed about his double life. Flash tells Betty people are after his family, and grabs Betty then web-slings off to his sister's house. He arrives there to find his Brother-In-Law, has been killed and illuminated by Jack O'Lantern, and his sister is missing. Flash drops off Betty on a rooftop to keep her safe and heads after Jack O'Lantern, who leads him to his sister. An enraged Flash attacks Jack, who manages to subdue Flash long enough to throw his sister off the top of the building, Gwen Stacy style, even mentioning how Spidey couldn't save a woman this same way. Flash gets there in time to save his sister, but Jack O'Lantern asks him if he can do a repeat performance. Venom looks up to see Betty is being held by Toxin, who jumps off with her. Flash, not wanting to leave his sister but wanting to pursue Betty is then asked by Jack O'Lantern if he's visited his mom recently. The issue closes as we see Flash's mother being wrapped up by The Human Fly.

Thoughts: Damn this issue was amazing, and there was so much action in it, it seemed like it just flew by. Just when things seem like they can't get worse for Flash Thompson, the Savage Six seem to take it even further. It looks like Venom is going to have to call in the Avengers or get help from Spidey, which may piss off the symbiote, but it's issues like this that are what comic books are all about. I've said it once, I'll say it again, if you're not reading Venom then you should be, simple as that. 

Score:  9/10

Venom: No matter what happens to me, Jack doesn't walk away from this. He'll never touch my sister... Never touch Betty...


  1. Maybe I'm just not up on the character, but is anybody else surprised that Eddie Brock is going along so willingly with the rest of the Savage Six? Hating Venom is one thing, but abducting Betty to leave her with the rest of those psychos seems more evil than I though Brock was. If anything, I'd be surprised if he didn't lash out at Crimemaster, for forcing him to bond with another symbiote.

  2. You know, that's a really good point TRobb. One COULD say, it's because the symbiote has taken over, kind of how the Venom symbiote would take over when Flash got pissed earlier in the series, and considering how pissed Brock has been of late.

    Personally, I'd say it's because the Toxin symbiote and the Venom symbiote don't get along too well if I recall correctly, so maybe that's why? I don't think Toxin has hurt anyone besides Venom, and until we see otherwise, for all we know Brock could be helping Betty, all he did was grab her and swing away. Or, I may just be making excuses, lol.

  3. This Savage Six arc has been simply amazing!!! The Human Fly shows that there aren't any bad characters (in the hands of the correct writer). Toxin is the only aspect of this book I don't agree with - hope they explain why Brock doesn't have any control.


  4. Exactly, as of late we've seen how great a character like The Human Fly or The Hobgoblin can be written by such talented writers like Remender and Slott.

    Nice site TVS, I think it's cool you used your reddit account to bring in new subscribers... I wanna do that but I'm sure I'll just end up getting downvoted, haha.