Saturday, June 23, 2012

JT's Take: Avenging Spider-Man #8

Hey Todd Squad, Today's review features the epilogue of the recently ended "Ends of the Earth" storyline from Amazing Spider-Man, so needless to say, they'll be spoilers from that if you haven't finished reading. Now let's get to it.

Avenging Spider-Man #8

Summary: We kick things off with Spider-Man underwater in a scuba suit, looking for Silver Sable's body with the Avengers. Spidey is called up to talk to Captain America, who says he needs him with them while they transport Doc Ock to S.H.I.E.L.D. From there we get a quick flashback of Spidey and Sable working together to stop Dr. Doom from marrying a local princess and moving her to Latveria. Turns out Spider-Man was summoned by Sable and Doctor Strange to marry the young woman who was set to marry Doom. Turns out the woman may be the next Sorcerer Supreme, or give birth to it, so they can't allow her to marry Doom, but she was offered by her Father to Dr. Doom, cause apparently he can do that. Turns out she needs to be married to someone she genuinely loves, and she's had a crush on Spidey for years. Silver Sable offers to compensate Spidey well, but Spider-Man says he has a girlfriend. Suddenly, Spider-Man, Sable, Doc Strange and the bride-to-be are met Dr. Doom, who demands his fiancee. After a fight, Strange teleports everyone across the town away from Doom, and Spidey's admirer seems to think he's not so great anymore after seeing him get knocked around by Doom. Turns out she really loves a guy named Marek, who wants to marry her to save her, but she doesn't want him to get killed by Doom for doing so, which is why she picked Spidey, since she thought he could take Doom. They end up talking her into getting with Marek, so Spidey goes to get him and bring him to her. The two get married while Strange, Sable and Spidey hold off Doctor Doom, but when Spidey and Strange are incapacitated, Sable manages to hold off Doom on her own, long enough for Marek and the Princess to consummate the marriage, thus ending Doom's hold on her. Doom, sensing that he no longer has a use for this bride, leaves before attracting the attention of the Fantastic Four, as Spidey recounted how Silver Sable, a woman with no powers, stood toe to toe with Doom and stalled him long enough to save the day. As they drop off Doc Ock at S.H.I.E.L.D., Spidey states that they've stopped his reign of terror, and his dying legacy will be that of a crazy old man who was stopped by Spider-Man. The issue ends as Black Widow continues to search below the sea for Silver Sable and Rhino, but hasn't found either. As she continues her search we see an Octo-bot surface from underwater.

Thoughts: This issue was pretty fun, and there were a LOT of lines that almost got line of the issue, Strange, Sable, Doom, Spidey, were all written excellently in this issue, Avenging Spidey is quickly becoming a highpoint of my comic collection each month. I really enjoyed this story, It fit well in past continuity, there was comedy, it was a great send-off to Sable is she is in fact gone for good, which I doubt since they couldn't find her or Rhino, plus pretty much anytime I get to see Doom and Spidey together I'm happy. Even Doctor Strange was funny here which was enjoyable. This was nothing amazing, but it was, in the words of my buddy X, a Perfectly Acceptable Comic.

Score:  7.5/10

Dr. Doom: Doom does not bargain for what is already his.

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