Thursday, June 7, 2012

Avengers Academy #31

Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you, ol' Vampire X is really doing ANOTHER full review! Madness! I actually enjoyed typing up the AvX #5 review, so I figured I'd do another full review right now(after work) and try to do another one tonight BEFORE work. After that though, most likely I'll do two posts talking about the other books from this week, that is unless one of them really impresses me. Anyway, let's get this show on the road so I can go to sleep!

Avengers Academy #31(AvX tie-in):

Summary: Tigra gets in touch with Hazmat to warn her about Sebastian Shaw being on the loose and that the Avengers Academy staff feared Shaw was planning on killing the X-kids. Hazmat attacks Shaw, which leads to the X-kids defending him, which naturally leads to the Avengers cadets brawling with the X-kids. Eventually Tigra, Hercules, Madison Jeffries and Dr. Rao arrive on the scene and we find out that Shaw wasn't planning on killing anybody, he simply wanted to help the X-kids escape. X-23 decides to side with the X-kids, stating that they should be allowed to join into the Avengers vs X-Men festivities because they had been in lots of battles before... So that means they should fight the Avengers... Who are known heroes... Um, why? Basically everybody is swayed by X-23's argument(?!) so Tigra stages a mock battle that sees the X-kids “defeat” the Avengers and their allies, leading to them “escaping.” X-23 decides to stay, even though she sided with the X-kids because she had made friends with Finesse. And that's pretty much that.

Thoughts: Uh-huh... That was... something. I don't get why X-23's argument seemed to sway everyone myself. So the X-kids have fought against Sentinels, Purifiers and other assorted villains. I get that. But they were brought to the Academy campus for their safety, as well as the safety of the Avengers on the field. With the X-kids there, they wouldn't be getting their heads bashed in by Red Hulk or Thor. So Tigra let's them leave, at which point you'd have to assume they went off to fight the Avengers. That's a horrible thing to do, not only to the X-kids, but to the Avengers as well! Like I said, the fact that I didn't agree with the main argument to let the X-kids leave was why I didn't enjoy this issue nearly as much as I usually enjoy this series. But for those of you who did agree with X-23, I'm sure this issue was a lot more enjoyable to you.

Score: 7 out of 10.
avengers academy #31
Hercules' “death” scene(s) actually saved this issue for me.


  1. Yeah totally agree with you here, specially since one of the arguments was like
    2this is a turning point to the Mutant race and all that stuff" Man that are the avengers you are going against!! thay are fucking heroes!!

    aside of lamme arguments I liked that the X-Kids wasn't really interesed in battling the avengers since someones just went to their homes (the atlantean boy) and the rest just wanted to find hope, but not claimed to be in any side.

  2. Don't be so tough on this issue, they obviously couldn't come up with other than "due to your enthusiasm and loyalty you have every right to go fight a war were your probably going to get smashed by red hulk of something of the description". they just needed a reason to get the x-kids out as well as a way to get shaw back on his path to being evil again cause lets face it : Hellfire Club rated PG isnt working for anybody.

  3. Yeah Alien, I just didn't get why Tigra would allow the X-kids to go off to do battle with the Avengers. The safe thing to do is to keep them at the Academy, out of the way. THe Avengers aren't sending their kids out into battle, and niether should the X-Men(imo). I guess when X-23 speaks, everybody listens!

    That's a good point, Anon... Shaw REALLY needs to retake control of the Hellfire Club, the Kiddie Club is really a lame idea. With Shaw now in the wind, he can go and somehow get his memories back and reclaim the position he's always been best at.

  4. I really didn't get how X-23 swayed everyone one so easily either... But I agree, Hercule's overdramitic performance was stellar! lol

  5. Yeah, I just didn't understand how her arguement swayed everybody... But Herc definitely made up for it with his performance that took place over several pages! That was great!

  6. She didn't sway everyone's opinion. What happened is that those who believed the X-kids should stay were vastly outnumbered and they would have escaped anyway. Better to have a mock fight to let them go than to have a real fight where people from both sides could have been seriously hurt.