Thursday, June 28, 2012

JT's Take: Justice League #10 with Brightest Day Rules?

Hey X-Maniacs, JT here with the first review of the next few days, requested by you readers, a review of Justice League #10 using Brightest Day Rules! What are Brightest Day Rules you ask? Refresh your memory anyway by clicking here. Now that you're all caught up, let's get things started!

Justice League #10

Summary:  We start off with a flashback from three years ago, seeing David Graves find Mount Sumeru, which can only be found if you're near death... alrighty. In the present we catch up with Aquaman, who saves a bunch of people but is still a joke, since he's asked by reporters why he was asked to join the league, when some people have greater credentials, like Vibe. BURN! Aquaman ignores them and goes to meet up at the watchtower with the rest of the League. After finding out from Batman that a bunch of villains have been attacked, tortured and interrogated by someone named Graves, and basically knows all of their weaknesses. The team starts to implode when they find out that Batman and Superman work together outside of the league, and learn that some people, Bats, Cyborg and Superman, know the teams secrets, and others are kept in the dark. The conversation is cut short when Graves shows up at the watchtower, using Steve Trevor's access code. Wonder Woman attacks Graves asking where Steve is, but Graves basically eats her emotions when yelling "Feed me Your Loss!" Wonder Woman has visions of her mother, turned to stone, and she passes out, eyes dilated and seemingly drained of life. Superman tends to Wonder Woman as Aquaman, Flash, Lantern, Cyborg and Batman attack Graves. Graves easily disposes of the League, as he does so, we see what happened while he went to that land of the dead. He's infused with the souls of his wife and dead children and changes into the monster like being he is now, while proclaiming that the League killed his family and the world will know it. The issue comes to a close with the Justice League, taken out and knocked out by Graves.

Thoughts:  So something weird happened... I read this issue of Justice League, and I actually liked it. The last few issues have been horrible, and you can read my past reviews to see, but this one, with the evil origin of Graves, seeing Aquaman get burned by reporters, seeing the League's trust problems, I just enjoyed it. This issue honestly doesn't deserve Brightest Day Rules. Now I could try to review it with BDR, but the score would be pretty damn high, and we all know that's kinda the opposite effect of BDR. So instead I'm going to give this a straight up review... believe me, I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get to rip this comic. With all the reasons I mentioned above, added with how bad ass Graves looked, this was a pretty good comic. Now regardless of how Graves was able to live long enough to find that Land of the Dead, when he was barely able to fire a gun in the last issue, I didn't have too many problems here. I would've liked to see what flashed through the rest of the team's mind when Graves blasted them though. I did enjoy the smug look on Superman's face when he said he hangs out with Batman, but I hated how Cyborg was just spilling everyone's business. Like damn dude... I know you know everything but put a firewall up on all those secrets you're saying!

Score: Surprisingly, I'll give this issue of Justice League a 7/10!

Reporter: Why'd they pick you as a member of the Justice League? Was it right place, right time?

Well this was interesting... feel free to let me know what you guys thought in the comments, was this a really good issue of Justice League or am I just becoming soft in my old age? Until tomorrow, JT out!


  1. 7/10 sounds about right. Pretty much what I'd give it, I did miss the BDR, but I agree with your decision to not use it. It would defeat the purpose if it was really high. Who knows maybe Justice League will get better and better until it's your favorite series!!! :D........okay maybe top 5 current anyway

    Glad you did this review first too!

    One negative for me is Graves. He's my main problem. I just don't think he can take out the league. No matter what the circumstances they can't be beaten so easily. They're the Justice League! I also don't really like Graves so far, but things could change

  2. Yeah, as much as I wanted to use the BDR, this issue was too good. Honestly, I'd like to start liking this series, I did up until like issue four or five and then it got really off track, but hopefully it starts to improve again.

    The ONLY reason I think Graves taking the team down was probable, is because he did his research and they weren't expecting him, but like you said, they should be able to take him down pretty easily since their the League, but that's for after they recover.

    Graves did seem to just take them down with one blast each. Graves as a character is kind of meh to me too, at least until we find out what the League "did" to kill his family... I hope it's not something stupid though.

  3. Cyborg definitely was too nosy. That Shazam back-up was pretty good.

  4. Cyborg was REALLY pissing me off... like damn dude... shut up. And yeah, that SHAZAM story has constantly been the best thing about the Justice League comic... which is kinda sad.