Thursday, June 14, 2012

JT's Take: Spider-Men #1

Hey Former X-Maniacs, and current unwilling members of the Todd Squad, JT here with another requested review. Today we're gonna see how The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker, meets up with our newest Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. So let's check in with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Men.

Spider-Men #1

Summary: Things get started with The Amazing Spider-Man (Parker) swinging around New York, talking about how much he loves his city, he's prideful just like most New Yawkers. (Right X?) While proclaiming his love for the city, Spidey stops a crime in progress and is confronted by the police, but he leaves before they can do anything and continues to sing his praises about New York. Spidey continutes until he see's a strange beam shooting into the sky, so naturally, he goes to investigate. He's led to an old abandoned building where he finds some kind of portal but he's suddenly attacked by Mysterio. Spidey takes down Mysterio who is behaving more like a nutjob talking about the first time Spider-Man died, and he's able to shoot off a laser that hits the portal, causing everything to pretty much blow up and transports Spidey to another world. Spider-Man is clearly confused since it was night-time and now it's clearly daytime. Spidey returns to the formerly abandoned building to see it's populated with people that have clearly lived there for a while. While looking around the city for clues, Spidey drops in and saves a guy from muggers, the guy is thankful but says the costume is in terrible taste since it's the same as Peter Parker's. Naturally, Spidey is taken aback by this comment and leaves to find more clues, now even more confused. The issue comes to a close with Spider-Man shocked that he's now face to face with Ultimate Spider-Man.

Thoughts: This issue was a bit slow, it made sense as they had to set up the whole "How do we make them meet?" storyline, but I could've done without Peter's I love New York mentality, just because it's so often re-hashed. Also, I could have done with a little more Miles in this issue but that's just my personal opinion. Aside from that stuff, I'm very curious to see how this goes, as well as what will happen if Pete learns about the Ultimate Universe Reed Richards, as well as the former Ultimate Spider-Man, and maybe even Aunt May, MJ and Gwen Stacy?

Score:  7.5/10

Civilian: I appreciate you saving me, man, but can't you come up with your own costume?


  1. Okay am I the only person not paying enough attention to the current Ultimate Spider-Man series to know that Miles could turn invisible? That's pretty freakin' cool! Oh and JT: I really loved Green Lantern #10. Definitely review that one, it's worth it.

  2. Lol really Caz?! He's literally been doing it since the first issue. And Way ahead of you, already reviewed GL, it will be up Saturday buddy.

  3. "Things get started with The Amazing Spider-Man (Parker) swinging around New York, talking about how much he loves his city, he's prideful just like most New Yawkers. (Right X?)" Damn skippy, hippie! :D

    Um, so a strange portal magically teleported Spidey to the Ultimate Universe? Uh-huh... Oh that wacky Bendis... As you know, mi amigo, I'm following this mini 100% through you. And so far? It doesn't sound like I missed all that much. But I guess we'll see what happens when the two meet and actually talk. That should be good... Hopefully!

  4. Damn skippy...hippie. Well, I'm done talking to you forever. Lol, who says something like that?

    Yep, pretty much. From what I can tell, maybe Mysterio wanted to go to a world with a dead Spider-Man so he can rule supreme or something? And yeah, I'm hoping things get much better when Miles and Peter actually converse, and hopefully Peter meets up with Aunt May, Gwen and Mary Jane.

  5. I kind of hope he runs into Ultimate Nick Fury, be shock that it's not a white guy, and then goes back to his own world to meet the new Nick Fury.

  6. Lmao... I don't know why I found that so funny but that really made my day Jermox.

  7. Upon seeing the new Nick Fury Spidey exclaims, "Oh no, the two worlds have merged!!!"

    1. It's a good way to take a jab at DC, which Marvel should do.