Thursday, June 21, 2012

JT's Take: Saga #4

Alright guys, this first review just happens to be for one of the best new comic series of the year so far in my opinion, Saga. You can also expect a review for Avengers vs. X-Men #6 later today. But first, there's Saga, So without any further chattering by me, let's get to it!

Saga #4

Summary: We start things off with Intergalactic Bounty Hunter, The Will, arriving at a place/planet(?) known as Sextillon. Clearly he's there to get into some, things, but they inform him that his sidekick, The Lying Cat, isn't welcome and will have to stay below or return to the ship, so The Will sends him back (along with The Will's weapons as well) because he really needs to be in the Sextillon. We then check in with our formerly happy couple, Alana and a still unconscious Marko, their baby Hazel, and a one half of a floating ghost babysitter, Izabel. Marko finally regains consciousness, and has questions about Izabel, but is met with questions from Alana, about his fiance, Gwendolyn. Marko explains that they were to be married after the war but things started to sour before then, and then he met Alana who he loves now. He mentions that technically he and Gwendolyn are still engaged, and he also has their wedding rings. The rings belonged to her grandparents, but Marko used them for he and Alana because they are enchanted by a translator spell, which allows to people who speak different native tongues to understand one another. It's a lot to get over but Alana eventually forgives Marko for keeping the stuff with Gwendolyn secret. Back at the Sextillon, The Will, not interested in any of the kinky stuff they offer, is led to a room where he will be offered a slave girl. When the man in charge brings out the slave girl for The Will, The Will asks how old the girl is, and she replies she's six years old. The Will tells her to close her eyes and claps his hands together on the head of the owner, making his head explode. The small girl hugs The Will and thanks him, as he stands there staring off, face splattered in blood. Back with Marko and Alana, they are found by a ship from Alana's home planet. She suggests trying to talk with them, since she worked with some of the soldiers, but Marko says the last time they tried to talk it out they were almost killed, he says there's only one thing to do, and that's fight. The issue closes as Marko unsheathes his sword and steps in front of his wife and child.

Thoughts: This was a pretty good issue. I'm wondering if Gwen is going to come into play down the road, maybe looking for her family heirloom rings. Besides that, I love the chemistry that BKV is writing for Marko and Alanna, they seem like a real couple, emotionally, which is a hard thing to convey, and he's done a damn well job in only four issues. And The Will, I love that we're seeing different sides of this guy, you'd think he was a heartless bounty hunter, but he's been funny, he's been hurt from his past relationship, and he has morals, as we saw when he freed the little girl in the Sextillon. It really makes me wonder what's going to happen when he meets up with Alanna and Marko.

Score:  8/10

Alanna: Just tell me you weren't lying when you said I'm the hottest chick you ever slept with.


  1. Nice review JT, sincerily i dont know what to say about this book, is too good to not been reading it.

    BKV is the Man he can write complex people in a realistic way that they arent just "comic book characters"

    And the letters page is hilarious too, I Loled with that page o lot of times.

  2. Thanks Alien, I agree. BKV is one of those guys where pretty much anything he touches is gold, and this hasn't been an exception.If you haven't I definitely recommend reading Pride of Baghdad by BKV, awesome story.

    Same, lol, that letter page was awesome. I wanted to participate in that survey but I forgot. Hope they do more.

  3. And you never told me you read Pride of Baghdad because? :P I had no clue you read that, mi amigo! Wanna give a quickie summary as to what it's about?

    Oh yeah, and as for this issue? I was pretty much in line with you 100%. And I had no clue there even WAS a survey!

  4. Really?! I could've sworn I mentioned that. Basically it follows the story of four Lions who's Zoo is bombed during the war efforts in Baghdad, and them escaping and trying to find a safe place in the wild. It's based on four lions that actually did escape, but of course everything else is just storytelling by BKV, but it was a great story.

    The survey was at the end of issue one, they wanted you to rip it out and send it in, and the answers were all in the back of the book. Had some fun questions like, who would win in a fight, Roarschach or The Hulk, and if you could only eat Cheese or Chocolate for the rest of your life (in all iterations) what would you choose? Funny stuff.