Friday, June 22, 2012

JT's Take: Red Hood and The Outlaws #10

Hey Todd Squad, today we're gonna see what's going on with Red Hood and the Outlaws. Jason's appearance in Batman and Robin reminded me how he should be written, so let's see if we got more of that in this issue.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #10

Summary: We start things off with some big monster dude standing over a sleeping Starfire and Arsenal in a hotel room. From there we see Jason coming home from a date with some chick. Suddenly, the big monster flies through the wall of the hotel, and Jason and his date leap out of the way. Jason puts his mask on and starts shooting at the monster, cause fuck a Secret Identity apparently. Turns out the monster dude is an alien and works for Starfire and is there to get her to come back to her planet of Tamaran for help. She agrees, but only if Jason and Roy join her, so they all get teleported to a ship by her people, who also bring Jason's date. Sigh.... I can't even pretend I care... this comic... which was 2.99... was TEN PAGES LONG. The actual Red Hood story, was 10 pages long... and the comic had a back-up about Essence that was six pages long.

Thoughts: What the fuck, Lobdell? You have Jason Todd, Former Robin, Snarky character, full of potential, Roy Harper, excellent character, potential comedy character, and a hell of a fighter, and Starfire, who has ties to both and is an alien powerhouse. You can also probably pick up any other characters you want, DC isn't using Cass Cain, Wally, Grace Choi, and other great characters that are free, so.... HOW DO YOU CONTINUE TO FUCK UP THIS BOOK?! If Bryan Q. Miller or Judd Winick were writing this book, it would be the best team book coming out of DC. Instead, we get this. Stories about a magic group called the All Caste, The Unwritten, and stories where Jason Todd is either killing police officers with no mask on in front of towns people, or opening fire in the middle of a city and putting a mask on. Did you forget he's fucking famous?! Did you forget he was Bruce's ward, so he's PROBABLY been on TV with Bruce a few times. I've forgiven some of the stupid shit you've done with Jason pulling a sword out of nowhere, the Killer Croc incident with Roy, the stupid storyline with Cruz or whatever the guy who hated Starfire's name was, and everything else, but I'm done with it. You've sucessfully taken a team I was excited for, that had two of my favorite characters in the DC Universe, even when they were a red-headed pimply jerk thanks to Morrison, and a one armed Junkie thanks to Robinson and Krul, and you've made me not want to read about them.

Seeing how well Jason was written by Tomasi last week showed me how horrible he's been written since the reboot started, and to top it off, after ruining this book, as well as Teen Titans, which i dropped months ago, they've reward Lobdell by having him write Superman?! I'm done. As much as I want to support a Jason Todd series, as well as Arsenal, I'm done. I hated this story, and I won't see how it, or any of that All-Caste shit ends. I'm done reading Red Hood and the Outlaws, until they get a new, more competent writer.

Score:  N/A

Me: Fuck you, Scott Lobdell.


  1. Eh, I think Lobdell has been doing fantastic on RHatO, as far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best comics DC is putting out.

  2. And that's cool, glad you enjoy it, I just personally didn't. So what do you like about it?