Saturday, October 29, 2011

Venom #8

And NOW I get to Venom, even though I've already read the last part of Spider-Island and as such have a pretty good feel for what happens in this issue... Oh well, Rick Remender has been on a roll with this series, so even though I know how the main points of this story turn out, I'm still expecting great things here.

Venom #8:

Summary: Before getting the orders from the army to go and kill the Queen, Flash is given a letter written by his father that Betty Brant was holding. While Flash heads to the Queen's headquarters, the army is busy working on an antidote that would cure Captain America of his current spidery appearance. Flash(as Venom) attacks the Queen, but is at a great disadvantage due to the Queen possessing a sonic scream, seeing as that loud noises are one of the Venom symbiote's greatest weaknesses. The Queen manages to get the upper hand on Flash, but the now cured Cap swings over to lend a hand. Cap manages to distract the Queen long enough for Flash to stab her through the back with Cap's shield, presumably killing her. But as we saw in the beginning of Amazing Spider-Man #672, that injury actually causes the Queen to mutate into a gigantic monstrosity.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed the letter from Flash's father. Remender did a great job with writing that and showing how sorry Flash's father was as he faced his end. He also scripted the Venom/Queen battle very well, as Venom was at a HUGE disadvantage due to the Queen's sonic powers. So that was what I enjoyed. I didn't like the way the Queen was written here... She was oddly sensual towards first Venom and then Cap. Now I only know the Queen from these Spider-Island issues(I think I have her first appearance from a few years back but I don't remember it at all), but she wasn't written anything like that in the Amazing Spidey books... So that was really weird, and a bit disconcerting. But as usual, this was a good, strong comic and as such gets a good, strong score from me.

Score: 8 out of 10.Heh... Cap said “fornication”...


  1. Maybe it's cause I'm a perv but I liked the Queen dialogue and her whole sex metaphors, but hey, that's just moi!

  2. HA!! Surprise, surprise! :P To me she just seemed way off from how she was written in the rest of Spider-Island. I don't recall her being that sex crazy...

  3. i liked this also
    one thing ive never read her prvious opereances but there is this image
    it adds a little credence that she was prtrayed more right in this issue than in the rest of the spider island series
    but i completly see your problem with the lack of cosistancy between the various tie ins

    i also liked that we got a good ammount of back story here on her that she was tortured,raped, and experimented on during her stay in the mental insitution it makes her more sympathtic than say selene the black qween in he necrosha saga who wants to rain over mankind just beceause the can