Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #6

This issue ends what has easily been my favorite Fear Itself tie-in mini-series. And really, how couldn't I love a series that showcased so many of the awesome Avengers Initiative characters? Let's get into it and see just how highly I score this one.

Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #6(of 6):

Summary: Last issue Hardball and Gravity had managed to put aside their differences and prevent an earthquake from destroying Las Vegas. Unfortunately, in doing so they got trapped inside the earth, along with Telemetry and Firestar. Back on the surface, Thor Girl begins to... um, transform(?) into something else, and takes on an energy form. Prodigy, fearing that she'd gone crazy, sends his forces to attack, but in this state, Thor Girl is nearly god-like and simply stands through the assault until Prodigy gives the order to stop. Thor Girl, now calling herself the Designate, pretty much rips humanity and the heroes standing before her, calling them petty, dumb and fearful with very few exceptions(Cloud 9 being one of those exceptions). Realizing she now had a more important role in the grand scheme of things, the Designate leaves the Earth, but not before using her powers to pull Gravity, Telemetry, Hardball and Firestar from the Earth's crust before they ran out of air. With that, Prodigy orders his forces to continue searching for survivors as word of the Avengers victory over the Serpent begins to come in. As the days roll on, some characters(Cloud 9) rediscover their love for super-heroics, others realize how lucky they are(Hardball), while some realize their life wasn't nearly as bad as they made it out to be(Gravity). Finally, Captain America thanks Prodigy for his leadership during the Fear Itself event, and tells him that the feds Prodigy had locked up earlier on in the mini-series had no hard feelings and wanted to offer him a promotion. This issue ends with the vindictive feds bringing Prodigy to his new job... Sorting through hundreds of old files.

Thoughts: I enjoyed everything about this issue with the exception of the Thor Girl stuff, mainly because I had NO idea what the hell was going on there! I'm not an expert on Thor Girl, her powers or origin or anything like that, so when she suddenly became the god-like Designate, I was pretty lost... But like I said, everything else here was great. The stuff with Hardball and Komodo(easily one of my favorite couples in all of comicdom), Gravity finally lightening up, Cloud 9 remembering who she was, for a fan of the b and c-list Marvel characters like I am, this issue, and this entire mini-series was a treat. Here's hoping Marvel gives Sean McKeever another mini-series featuring these characters sometime VERY soon.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Please give me a Hardball series/mini-series/anything, Marvel!!!

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