Thursday, October 20, 2011

Avengers #18

Now this should be an interesting comic book... If I understand things correctly, this issue takes place AFTER the events of Fear Itself and deals with Captain America tasked with putting together a new squad of Avengers seeing as that two of their number(Bucky and Thor) perished during Fear Itself. Let's see what happens here!

Avengers #18:

Summary: Wow, I was sure wrong... This issue shows us that a disgruntled agent of SHIELD had been collecting samples from various superheroes, super-villains, aliens, the works, and having become disgusted with superhuman after the events of Fear Itself, hands these samples over to Norman Osborn and AIM(or HAMMER, I guess). As for the Avengers, well, they really don't DO anything. Captain America tells Tony Stark to rebuild Avengers Tower, most of the Avengers head to Avengers Mansion to live while things are being rebuilt, and Cap tells the gathered Avengers that he had to reevaluate who was going to remain an Avenger.

Thoughts: What the hell was THAT?! Seriously, the cover to this issue REALLY misled me big time! Frigging Bendis... Leave it to Brian Bendis to take something as simple as picking a new set of heroes to be on the Avengers and not even be able to do THAT in one issue!!! This comic was most definitely an example of Bad Bendis. Here's hoping we get Good Bendis next issue. Oh, and why the HELL is Luke Cage the owner of AVENGERS MANSION?!? I know Bendis loves him and all, but Avengers Mansion has been in the Stark family for YEARS! *sigh* Let me just end this post now before I go insane...

Score: 2 1/2 out of 10.On the positive side, Hawkeye was here. On the negative side, everything else.


  1. at the begining of the heroic age when cage and his new avengers still refused to sign up with the government avengers stark sold the newly renovated avengers mansion to him for 1 dollar while the main avengers remained in avengers tower

    and yes the remains of hammer has joinned the remains of hydra (see secret warriors) and aim to start the whole hammer orgnanzation over again and there is also a green goblin cult around who have thease (badass but simple desgined) goblin tattoos that are aparently supernatural.....?
    oh and when they broke osborn out of the raft they also nabbed superia (the chick in the black outfit on the last page) who was brifly leading hammer while osborn was still in prison but was captured by the new avnegers while trying to sell?,create? or experimenet with the infinity formuala (they never fully explained what her plans for it where). oh and she is POWERFUL in the first battle she took out the new avengers single handedly.................. well mockingbird was shot buy a random hammer agent but still (got infinityed out as a result... lol).
    in the last issue of NA osborn and hammer sent ULTIMO to smash in to one of starks facilitys to nab some iroman armors (.... got fond of the iron patriot armor i see there oziy) but the new avengers stop it.......... but not before a ultimo drone takes a large sample of wolverines blood (presumably where that wolverine clone i showed u a bit back will come from)

  2. Ah, thanks for the explanation on Avengers Mansion, Movieartman. When the Avengers split into the New Avengers and the regular Avengers I dropped New and only picked up Avengers, so I def missed the Mansion stuff. That's still SUPER weird though... I mean that Mansion was always Stark's.

    Superia being with Osborn kind of surprises me... I have her first apparances(in some Cap comics from the 1990's) and she was strong and smart, but I'd never peg her as somebody who'd work with Osborn(she usually only worked with other woman) or expect her to beat up the ENTIRE NA roster!

  3. i agree it is a bit odd but i am glad they have revamped her whole thing (didnt she want to mutate all people on earth into females a one point)
    here is an epic sexy pic of her from her new avenger appearances
    oh and sense u hate ms marvel i think u will enjoy this

  4. Oh come on ! Fucking zombie osborn again? This is why Bendis , Millar,& BFQ repulse me, they use this dipshit as THE big bad guy while he 's a 2 bit punk who's best story was to die by his own glider.
    Yeah ya heard me, Fuck Norman, Harry is the actual greatest Green Goblin & can actually put up a compelling plan & framework. The moment they make guys like Mr Hyde, Nate Grey ,Mystique job to punk goblin while in all logic they would have shoved the pumpkin bombs up his ass is the main reason I spit on nowadays titles.
    I hope that Carnage turns him into Green Guacamole while singing Dragula, that would be a great issue!

  5. If I remember correctly, she DID manage to turn Cap and Nomad into women... Or something equally terrible. But yeah, I can't say I'm overly disappointed that she's getting a new lease on life.

    But I will agree with you concerning Osborn, Saidi... I NEVER saw him as the type of threat the Avengers would deal with. I mean his entire life he's been being battered by Spider-Man(SOLO!), so I just don't see him as a true Avengers menace. Sort of like the Hood. He'd make a good Daredevil/Spidey enemy, but the Avengers? These are the World's Greatest Super-Heroes! They should be dealing with Ultron, Kang, Thanos, cosmic menaces, the Masters of Evil, not two-bit street thugs and wannabe mobsters. But what can ya do. Bendis liked certain villains(Osborn was in every other issue of Ult. Spider-Man it seems), so it's no surprise that's bled into his 616 work.

  6. Wait...THAT'S how Hawkeye looks now?!? Sad face.

  7. Yep, that's the new Hawkeye, Mock. As much as I love Hawkeye(and I do!) I'm more of the mindset that if a new costume gets Clint more page time, I'll grin and bear it. Although I still love classic Hawkeye best.

  8. Just wanted to pipe in and say that I actually could am ok with the moden Osborn as a big bad. I liked his depiction in ultimate spidey (and even in dark reign, to an extent) as an evil corporate genius/ mad scientist. He may have started off as a clown in 616 marvel, but the new version, tied to the modern military/ industrial cabal, is a very good 21st century villain, and has aged well compared to many of his silver age counterparts.

  9. That's understandable, TRobb. For me I just don't see the need for Osborn as the Avengers big threat. They've fried WAY bigger fish than him, he's just an odd choice of an opponent for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes... I know I'd prefer it if Bendis would dig into the Avengers rich history(or try something new like the Wonder Man thing) instead of constantly falling back on his old standbys(Spider-Man and Osborn, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage). I guess, right or wrong, I'll always see Osborn as a Spidey-level foe, not an Avengers-level foe.

  10. Which classic Avengers villains could be used for good modern stories? No offense, but growing up, I thought the Avengers had a lot of cheesy villains. Of what I know, here are the only candidates:

    -some Alien race (skrull, kree, what have you)
    -demons/a magical entity (a la Inferno, the Serpent, etc)

  11. Naturally it's all a matter of opinion, and I know that there may be certain villains I like that others don't care for, but I'd go with the following:

    Ultron- Best Avengers Villain period.

    Kang- I've always liked Kang, and when done right he can be a HUGE menace. I'd be fine with Immortus menacing the team as well.

    Count Nefaria- The guy's a villain who thinks the world owes him something AND he's got the power-set to fight the Avengers AND the T-Bolts to a standstill.

    Masters of Evil- I'd love to see Sin in the leadership role with a horde of lesser villains around her.

    Aliens- Be it the Shi'ar, the Kree, the Badoon, any of them would suffice... Well except for the Skrulls... After Secret Invasion I never want to see a Skrull again.

    Thanos- A power-house like Thanos was MADE for the Avengers! They should be fighting Thanos every 12 months!

    The Grim Reaper and Nekra- I loved their battles with the West Coast Avengers... Plus Grim Reaper can always pull out the Legion of the Unliving thing which is always fun.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a few major threats, but those are the villains I'd go with off the top of my head. When written well(ie: stories from the 60's, 70's, 80's, late 90's/early 2000's) the Avengers have a few really great old threats. Throw in stuff like Wonder Man(somebody with a connection to the Avengers) and the occasional Mandarin or Enchantress/Executioner appearance(villains with a gripe against one of the Avengers) and I'd be happy. But as you can probably see, I am a HUGE fan of the Avengers past.