Monday, September 10, 2012

Venom #24

And this will be my last review of the week(probably...).  Tomorrow is a JT day, and then it's time for New Comic Day.  I've got to say, things HAVE been a lot easier here at the blog now that I'm splitting duties with that sucker my good friend, JT.  Anyway, heeeeere's Venom!

Venom #24:

Summary: Venom manages to escape the currently VERY evil Daimon Hellstrom, and realizes that there was a demon inside of him...  Uh-huh...  Oh, and the symbiote likes having the demon in there with it and Flash, I guess the more the merrier or something.  Anyway, Flash tries to puke the demon out, as that's apparently the way the army teaches soldiers to rid themselves of demonic corruption.  Unfortunately, the puke plan fails, so Flash heads to that reporter from last issue, Katy Kiernan, and tells her he needed an exorcism   Naturally, Katy knows a guy who can preform exorcisms(because, why not?) and the guy summons the demon, which tells him and Katy that it didn't want to be bonded with Venom because he was cramping it's style or something along those lines.  With that, Flash takes control back and the exorcist tells Flash his best course of action was to force the guy who originally put the demon in Flash to undo it.  For some reason Flash decides Hellstrom had put the demon in him, even though it was actually Mephisto(I think).  But I guess Hellstrom is close enough being the Son of Satan and all...  Even though Hellstrom's father was actually a DIFFERENT Satan...  Yeah.  Anyway, Flash tracks Hellstrom down to the Bronx Zoo, which is where all inexplicably evil ex-heroes tend to hang out at night.  The two fight again, but Hellstrom manages to down Venom again(because Flash is apparently really dumb and didn't learn a thing from last issue) before summoning a horde of demons called, and I kid you not, the Monsters of Evil.  This one ends with Hellstrom offering Venom a slot on the Monsters.

Thoughts: Yep, this issue really happened.  Well, first things first, I should be up front with the fact that I'm a huge fan of Daimon Hellstrom and HATE the fact that he's randomly evil.  Why don't I like Daimon's sudden switch to evil?  What's more interesting, a half-demon, half-human son of the devil who turned against his satanic heritage?  Or a half-demon, half-human son of the devil who embraced his satanic heritage?  It's definitely the former for me.  Especially since he's basically nothing more than one of Sin's lieutenants.  On top of that, we have Venom possessed by a demon, that was put in him by Mephisto(or maybe Blackheart, I can't remember), with the demon not even wanting to be bonded with Flash!  Weird.  Does that mean X-23, Red Hulk and whoever that other person who fought Blackheart in Las Vegas are also possessed by demons that don't want to do their jobs?  Plus you have the Monsters of Evil, which, to me anyway, is a really lame sounding name.  I have to say, I was cautiously optimistic when Cullen Bunn took this series over from Rick Remender, but that optimism is slowly eroding away...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
venom #24
I really hate inexplicably evil Daimon...


  1. Why is Daimon still evil in this series, I mean he was just helping out Loki in Journey into Mistery a few issues ago, does he decide to be evil based on what series I'm reading?

    Anyway what do you think about the new 0 issues dc is putting out, is it a completely series renumbering (again...) or is this a 1 issue thing for all the new 52? If its an origin kind of thing this might be a good time start picking up red hood and the outlaws again, i mean i don't care how bad you're writing a retarded monkey couldn't screw up a jason todd (specifically as red hood) origin story.

  2. That is what's bugging me about Daimon... He basically said in Journey that he wasn't evil anymore, and now, it's like that didn't even happen, because he's still working under Sin in this one... There are A LOT of villains Cullen Bunn could have used here, I don't get why he returned to Daimon.

    The #0 issues are just a one issue origin-type story. They're interrupting whatever was going in each series to introduce new characters or try to fill in some info on the characters. I've been reading Red Hood, I actually haven't missed an issue, no matter how mindbogglingly terrible it's been. Honestly, I have zero hope for that series for as long as Scott Lobdell is writing it. If I wasn't such a huge fan of Jason and Roy I'd have dropped that series months ago... I'll definitely be picking up Red Hood #0, I'm not sure about JT though...

  3. JT's thinking about getting it but JT can't handle any more horrible Jason Todd stories or his brain and heart will explode consecutively. Poor, poor, JT.

  4. If I understood it correctly then the demon in Flash didn't want to be there because Flash is marked by Mephisto and therefore off limits for possession. But who knows, it seems that when they do supernatural stories they aren't too careful and the story comes off as convoluted.

  5. I'd buy that, Jermox. I guess that makes as much sense as anything else here.