Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Comic Day! September 19th edition.

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's New Comic Day!  Huzzah!!  And leading you through this week's edition is none other than the original comic book malefactor himself, X.  Same rules as always, I'll list what books I'm getting, then I'll list the three comics I'll be reviewing for the week.  After that, my co-conspirator, the ever dapper JT, will list which books he walked out of the comic shop with, as well as the ones he intends to review.  Got all that?  Sweet, on to the books I picked up!  National Comics: Eternity #1, National Comics: Looker #1, Nightwing #0, Red Hood and the Outlaws #0, Walking Dead #102, Avengers #30, Avengers Academy #37, Daredevil #18, Dark Avengers #181, Mighty Thor #20, New Mutants #49, Ultimates #15, Venom #25 & X-Factor #244...  The first two comics aren't actually new but are books I've been waiting for my shop to get for a few weeks now.  Also, I was supposed to get Hellblazer #295, but that didn't ship with this week's books, so I'll probably have that one next week...  So that means for this week I have the perfect number of new books, 12.  And on top of that, there are actually a couple of really good comics in that bunch.  I think I'll post reviews for Walking Dead #102, Avengers Academy #37 and Nightwing #0...  Yep, I'm leaving JT with NOTHING good to review!  X review days this week are gonna be Thursday, Saturday and Monday, and I'm going to try to have the reviews posted at 8PM every night just to make things somewhat steady.  And that'll do it for me.  Before tagging out to mi amigo, one last thing for me to say...  X out!

And now for your Main Event, JT! Hey guys, since X took all the good books I guess I'll just sit in the corner this week. No, scratch that, I have a duty to give you guys the greatest reviews you never heard of, that's right, I'm the Booster Gold of Blogger, dammit! Anyway, the books I picked up this week are as follows, Catwoman #0, Justice League #0, Nightwing #0 (hope I don't regret that), Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 (See Nightwing), Walking Dead #102, Avengers Academy #37, Spider-Men #5, Ultimate Spider-Man #15, and Venom #25. Of my nine comics, X has decided to review three because he's what we in the industry call, an ass, so you can expect me to review Justice League #0, Spider-Men #5, and... Red Hood and The Outlaws #0. You can expect those reviews on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. As always, let us know what you guys picked up, and we'll see you tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern time, same blog time, same blog website for X's first review of the week. Til next time, JT signing off!


  1. Just read Spider-Men. I was left with a 'meh' feeling but am really curious about the ending. I am also surprised I haven't heard any comments about last week's Journey into Mystery.

  2. Que onda amigos!! How are you in the best day of the week? I have a lot to read this week mi reading list look like this

    Batwoman #0, Birds Of Prey #0, Catwoman #0, DC Universe Presents #0, Justice League #0, Nightwing #0, Red Hood And The Outlaws #0, Supergirl #0, Sword Of Sorcery #0, Wonder Woman #0
    Avengers Academy #37
    X-Factor #244

    May I ask, Did you stop reading Supergirl? Why? Is one of the best in the Superman Family, (and the only one I'm reading)

    And for the National comics, I loved the one with Kid eternity, the other one.. not so much was just okey..

    I would be looking forward to your Justice League post JT see you soon amigos

  3. Monet says that she should just rip off Polaris's head like a rabid dog.

    Because she's Muslim, that insult carries an even greater gravity.

    Poor effort there Peter, and editor, Daniel Ketchum is not doing his job properly for letting it pass particularly at this sensitive time.

  4. Hey, Guys, have you reed Reed Hood already? I wouldn't say I hate it, but.. I didnt like it at all.. So I will stick with the old continuity for this one too..

  5. Yep, I reviewed it today, scheduled to go up Sunday... its... going to be an interesting review. Definitely be on the look out for it.

  6. I'm just starting the #0s. JT, did you read "Earth 2"'s #0 yet? I thought it was pretty bad-ass.

  7. I did JW, it was cool. I'm not too hot about the name Mr. 8 or whatever he was using, and I'm curious to who the other member of the team was, since only seven people were shown. Mr. 8, the Trinity, Catwoman, Supergirl and Robin.