Friday, September 14, 2012

Avengers Assemble #7

So poor JT got stuck reviewing the disaster that was AvX #11 yesterday.  I get to to look at another Bendis scripted book today, Avengers Assemble #7.  Do I hope it will be good?  Yes.  Should it be good?  Yes.  But will it be good?  We shall see shortly...

Avengers Assemble #7:

Summary: This issue kicks off with Thanos summoning the Elders of the Universe to him to show off his Cosmic Cube...  Oh, and to kill them, which he apparently does.  From there the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy team up to take on a massive Badoon warship.  Even though the Badoon have superior weaponary and numbers, the Avengers have Hulk and Thor, and as such send the two brutes out in to space with the hope being that they could get onboard the Badoon ship and Thor could destroy the ship's reactor with his lightning.  Thor manages to do just that and manages to get back to the Guardians' ship with Hulk.  The Guardians warn the Avenhers that the BAdoon wouldn't take this laying down, but before the two teams cn fret over Badoon revenge, they find Thanos.  However, it seems the Cosmic Cube has had some adverse effect on the mad Titan as he is huge, starry and has the Cube trapped in his chest.

Thoughts: No complaints here.  The best thing about the Avengers fighting in space for most of this issue is that Bendis couldn't go dialogue crazy due to nobody being able to hear anything in space.  Besides that, the story was strong and simple, the Badoon teamed with Thanos and are therefore bad.  The Avengers and Guardians fought the Badoon.  They destroyed a Badoon ship, something which could lead to repercussions down the road.  Plus you had Thanos taunting and supposedly killing the Elders, although that action seems to have been what trapped Thanos in the state he was in at the end of this issue.  Honestly, I'm looking forward to the next issue which wraps up this storyline.  I'll be curious to see hos Bendis wraps it all up.

Score: 8 out of 10.
  avengers assemble #7
Thor and Hulk vs the Badoon army?  Yeah, I'd take Thor and Hulk every time.


  1. off topic.. I guess you guys already know about this, but what are your thoughts?

    Personally I dont think that take Nico away of the runaways is a good Idea.. but. Who nows?

  2. Im loving this storyline but I would still like to eventually find out how Thanos and Star-Lord escaped all that stuff that happened to them at the end of the Thanos Imperative...

    1. That is a good question... I've enjoyed this storyline for the most part, but the end of the Thanos Imperative made it really tough to bring Thanos(and Star-Lord) back. And that hasn't been explored here at all. Maybe we'll get a Guardians of the Galaxy mini or ongoing following this storyline to fill in those details?

  3. Alien - I thought that was Nico... and I agree with you. I'm iffy on that comic but I liked Battle Royale and that concept, plus I like the AA crew obviously and Nico... so I''ll try it. Gonna be weird if some of those guys get killed off though.

  4. Yeah, I feel the same as JT, Alien. I'll definitely be giving AA a shot, but if they start killing characters off left and right, I'm going to be REALLY angry, and would probably drop that series quickly.

  5. Well...looks like were we know where the Avengers Academy kids are going. or at least some of them. I see Reptil, Hazmat, and Mettle. Plus two people missing from the picture.