Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Comic Day! July 11th Edition.

Hey Todd Squad, JT back after a nice week off, due to the fact I just grabbed my comics from last week on Monday thanks to Independence day. Yep, my shop was closed Wednesday and I couldn't get over there until Monday, so I figured I'd take some time off, as not to get burned out like a certain Vampire Blogger. Anyway, It's Wednesday so you know what that means, it's New Comic Day! This is a quick post because as I type this (about 1:30 AM), I have to get up in like seven hours because I'm going to see Amazing Spider-Man! Then going to grab my comic books, so let's get to the meat and potatoes of this post.

The books I plan on picking up this week include, Batman # 11, Batman and Robin #11, Enormous #1, Walking Dead #100, Avenging Spider-Man #9, AVX VS. #4, Scarlet Spider #7, Spider-Men #3 and Venom #20. There you have it, So, let me know what you guys would like reviews for, whatever gets the most votes I'll review first and so on, over the next few days. Alright comic crew, until next time, this is JT, signing off!


  1. I want a review for amazing spider-man! haha just your thoughts in a comment would be cool. I saw it yesterday and I am conflicted because I don't think that I enjoyed the movie as a whole. Some cool elements and scenes, but it felt weird the entire way through. Something was off.
    -I am glad you are picking up enormous #1 because its a massive 10 dollar giant book in scale (at least at my shop) and i'd like to hear thoughts because i probably won't be getting it :-(.
    -I personally would enjoy your reviews on: batman because it is the be all end all of this year long epic arc of the owls!
    -Scarlett spider because they seem to be ramping up something good.
    -And also, Venom because well It has been the best book that I read with each issue. Also, maybe some thoughts on the MarvelNow! relaunch with things like uncanny avengers! Anywhoo, looking forward to your reviews on all of the books. I'm super curious about batman to find out is this Lincoln march character is who he says he is or if he is just crazy as heck. Thanks! enjoy your reading!

  2. Forgot to mention my pulls for the week... Batman #11, Peter Panzerfaust #5 of 5, captain america #14, scarlett spider #7 and Venom #20. Possible shelf pick-ups could be Enormous #1, AvX vs. #4, Space Punisher #1, and Lne Ranger Snake of Iron #1. I love the idea of sending frank castle to space to hunt down "evil" aliens, and i am a sucker for the art in VS. plus daredevil. I am just a big lone ranger fan is all that justifies that purchase haha

  3. Yeah, my vote is for Amazing Spider Man, I know you are and enthusiastic follower os the friendly masked neighbor I watched it last sunday and love it (and I was and skeptical of the reboot) so I would like to read about your thoughts. In the comics side the my vote is obvoius has to be the last issue of the court of the owls storyline in Batman (cuz it continues in Talon #0)

    And these are my comics for this week
    American Vampire Lord Of Nightmares #2
    Batman #11, Batman And Robin #11, Demon Knights #11
    Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #11, Swamp Thing #11, New Mutants #45, Spider-Men #3, Wolverine And The X-Men #13

  4. I felt the same way about the Spider-Man movie. Something was odd. I enjoyed the action but the rest of the movie was very emo. I'm so glad I didn't pay extra for 3D.

    My pick for this week is of course the Mother F****** Walking Dead #100 and I'm downloading the rest from pirate bay because let's face it, a lot of these comics suck balls nowadays.

  5. I also felt the same way about ASM movie. I think a lot of it was the portrayal of Peter Parker (although I'll admit I have a hard time accepting reimagined characters). Also, I felt they needed to redo the origin story to make it a reboot but that pretty much put the lizard story into only half the movie. Overall I enjoyed it but I left feeling they did half the things better than Raimi and the other half worse.

    Just read this week's New Avengers and I guess we will see the Illuminati next month. For Xavier to partner with Tony Stark again must mean something crazy is going to happen in AvX next month.

  6. So I really enjoyed ASM guys. I loved the Lizard, although I wish he has his...snout or whatever. And I like what they did with Uncle Ben. Some of the stuff I didn't like was the fact we he didn't catch the guy with the star tattoo and we don't know who as talking to Connors at the end (Osborn?) but it's made as a three part series so I don't mind waiting for those answers. But I really enjoyed it, in fact the only thing that bothered me was how many times his mask came off. I definitely like this dude as Spidey though.