Monday, July 30, 2012

JT's Take: Green Lantern #11

Hey guys and gals, today's review on tap is Green Lantern, after the escape of Black Hand in the last issue, we can only imagine what the psychotic villain has planned, so let's get to it!

Green Lantern #11

Summary: We start this issue with Sinestro about to break free from the Indigo Tribe when he's released into Jordan's care. Jordan tells Sinestro that he's under Jordan's care and the Indigo Tribe has made it so Jordan's ring has now limitations that Sinestro put on and he can attack Sinestro if need be. Sinestro quick realizes Black hand is missing so they go looking for him and discover he killed himself, but his body is gone so he's back from the dead. From there we see Hand bring his family back to life and sit down to a Chinese food dinner cause he's weird like that. He tells his family's moving corpses that he plans on killing everyone then giving them all rings so they can all rise and kill more people and so on. Back with Sinestro and Jordan, they visit Sinestro's secret base on Korugar and open the Book of the Black to check it's prophecies. Upon opening the book we see the Guardians attacking Sinestro, Atrocitus leading The Manhunters into an attack, a Red Lantern Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner behind bars, the new hooded Green Lantern, and someone wearing a White Lantern ring. As Sinestro and Hal come to, they find themselves sitting on the floor of Black Hand's dining room, who welcomes them to dinner.

Thoughts: This was a pretty average issue. On first glance I didn't think too much of the splash page, although I am wondering who's gonna wield the White Lantern ring... I'm assuming it'll be Hal for obvious reasons. Besides that, nothing in this issue really stood out for me, and I don't like that Hal can blast Sinestro because now I know I'll have to watch them fighting which is... ugh, I liked the other dynamic more of Hal having to listen to Sinestro.

Score: 7/10

Sinestro: Where's Black Hand, Jordan?


  1. Okay dude I really wish DC's subscription service was better. I still haven't gotten my copy of this issue. I think the whole Hal-being-able-to-control-himself thing isn't as interesting but it was bound to happen eventually, just like Sinestro going back to the yellow ring some time. I have a feeling the white ring may be Kyle because of the stuff going on in New Guardians is kind of setting up for him to wield all the Corps' rings. And trust me, that series is worth getting. I know the quality kind of dipped in that first story arc but it's really picked up in the past few months. The Red Lantern Kyle is probably setting up for Hal trying to get all the rings. Red Lanterns is definitely the worst of all the GL-family books. I'm very interested in finding out more about the upcoming "Rise of the Third Army" crossover. Can't wait for this issue to FINALLY come in the mail.

  2. DC having a sucky subscription service doesn't surprise me at all to be honest. And yeah, I know it had to happen like ya said, but it didn't need to be this soon either. I may pick up New Guardians and catch up, I kinda wanna read about Kyle but I don' care about the other Corps. And I could see Kyle as the White Lantern, would definitely allow him to stand out more.

  3. HEY JT
    if you can contact him remind X-man that the New Hawkeye series starts tomorrow and its got some rave early reviews

  4. Hey Movieartman, I'm sure he knows but I'll definitely remind him for ya, as well as him him about the reviews buddy.