Sunday, July 22, 2012

JT's Take: Saga #5

Hey guys and gals, running short on the chatter for intro's so let's jump right into the most recent issue of Brian K. Vaughn's Saga!

Saga #5

Summary: This issue starts off with Prince Robot discovering from his wife that they are now expecting a baby on the way, but the King has decreed that Prince Robot can't return until he's completed his mission. Before The Prince can vent, he's told by one of his men that some other soldiers have spotted something. We jump over to see Marko standing in front of Alana and the baby, when the soldiers attack and one of their blasts hit Alana, knocking her down while she's holding the baby. Marko gets enraged and slices a man's hand off, then knocks out each soldier, and is about to decapitate them until he's stopped by Alana, so we see that Marko has a bit of a Hulk-like temper when upset... interesting. Back with The Will, we see him trying to escape with the girl he saved in the last issue, when he's met by Mama Sun, the owner of the Sextillion, and she has a gun pointed at The Lying Cat. The Will tells her he's taking the girl, but she says each worker as a security elixir in them, and if they leave before the end of their term it causes their arteries to harden, resulting in a very painful death. The Will then says he'll pay for the girl's freedom, but she costs $650,000, which is more than The Will can afford. Back with our happy family, we see they stole the ship of the soldiers Marko knocked out and are heading towards the Rocketship Forest, definitely in a great mood. We then see Stalk, as she finds the defeated soldiers tied up. She gets a call from The Will, saying he wants to help her with her job, obviously so he can earn the money to save his little friend, but Stalk says she doesn't need the help. Stalk is then confronted by Prince Robot and a soldier, she tries to explain she didn't knock out the soldiers but the new soldier says Stalk is reaching for something. Prince Robot, thinking of the new baby he has on the way, immediately reacts by killing Stalk. We see her laid out with a hole in her chest as The Will is still on the phone, unaware of her fate as this issue comes to a close.

Thoughts: As always, Brian K. Vaughn knows how to write a great story. Here, we got away from Marko and Alana for a bit, and learned more about The Will and Prince Robot, both characters I like, even though their both going after our main protagonists. I was sad to see Stalk go here, I kinda liked her character, I wouldn't be surprised if she healed but if this is the last of her, I'm interested in seeing how The Will reacts. Also, Fiona Staples continues to be one of the best things about this comic, her clean art, the way she drew Marko's rampage was great, as well as the the way she draws the emotions on Alana's face or the lack of life on Stalk's... she's a hell of an artist.

Score: 9/10

Alana: Ehn, so the guy whose hand you lopped off comes after us with a hook in twenty years. Add him to the list.

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