Friday, July 13, 2012

JT's Take: Walking Dead 100

Now, for the first time EVER at the X-Man Comic Blog (We should change that name :-p), I'm going to review an issue of The Walking Dead, and what better than issue 100? So, before we jump in, I'm going to say, there WILL BE SPOILERS. Don't get upset at me if something is spoiled, I'm warning you now. So let's do it.

The Walking Dead #100

Summary: Things start off with the group that was stalking Rick's group keeping lookout and heading to notify the rest of their team of an attack. We then see Andrea and the rest of the members of Rick's group at the home base, living their lives while Andrea plays lookout. The group consisting of Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia and Heath decides to stop driving and take shelter for the night since they won't make their destination in time, with Michonne taking first watch. Once Rick relieves Michonne and takes watch, he eventually starts to fall asleep, and is suddenly roped around the neck and pulled to the ground. His friends emerge and are surrounded by at least thirty men. Their leader, Negan, approaches and asks who is in charge, one of his men tells him that Rick is, so he tells Rick he works for him now. Everything they have, he wants half, and if he tries to fight back, things won't end well for him. He then says Rick killed his men, and he's going to be punished for that. He has his men line up Rick, Michonne, Carl, Maggie, Heath, Glenn and Sophia, then pulls out a bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. He goes up and down the line, saying why he won't kill each person, then decides he has to pick one, and picks Glenn. Rick tells him not to but Negan tells him to stay down or they all die, and if anyone moves he'll have his men cut out Carl's other eye and feed it to Sophia. Rick looks away as Carl cries and Maggie cries while calling to Rick, as Negan raises his Bat high and slams it down on Glenn's head, caving in his skull and causing his eye to pop out. Negan continues to bash Glenn, over and over until all that's left is bits of his skull, brains and an eye. An enraged Rick says that he's going to kill Negan. Negan tells him to do it now, so he can have his men kill the rest of his people and do even worse to his son. He then punches Rick and tells him things have changed, he's in charge now, and he'll be back in a week for their first supply offering. The issue ends as Rick and his crew lay crying at Glenn's dead body.

Thoughts: Damn that issue was insane! After issue 99, X and I discussed how we thought they were attacking the base, which is what Kirkman wanted us to think, but Falisha said she thought they were attacked Rick. After thinking about it, X and I figured they would kill off one of four people in this issue, Rick, Michonne, Glenn or Andrea, and sadly we were right. I would say I went into this issue expecting Rick or Andrea to bite it, and I was still shocked at what happened and how brutal it was. Also, as much as I hate what he did, I am LOVING Negan as a character, this guy may be worse than The Governor. To say I'm excited is an understatement, I can't wait to see what happens in the next issue of The Walking Dead.

Score:  9/10

Rick: Not today, not tomorrow... But I will kill you.


  1. Holy fuck. Out of love of Glenn's character, along with Tyreese, Dale, and others, I'm glad I decided to stop picking up the graphic novels after vol. 8. But I can't believe Kirkman killed off Glenn after 100 issues. Thats awful. I mean I should've seen it coming but still. And Kirkman essentially said in an interview once that he wasn't going to kill off Rick until the end of the series, if at all. Rick is the main character. But that isn't to say that he won't eventually die. And Kirkman also said that his original plan for the series was to get to #300 and end the series. At this point, it looks very likely that no one will be left alive from even /this/ group besides Rick by that time. I don't know how much Andrea has changed in the comics from vol. 8 to now, but I kind of wish she and Rick would get together. And one last thing...poor Maggie. After so long in the series, you had to assume that they were going to make it for a long, long time. Guess that's not the case.

  2. Oh, well in that case Caz, I should probably point out that.... Kirkman announced he wants to make it to issue #1000 today at comic con, Andrea and Rick ARE currently dating, or at least having sex, and Maggie is pregnant with Glen's child.

  3. Yeah I kinda figured that out by reading 100 today. I didn't know that going in (stupid internet not giving me spoilers!). But that's awful what happened to Glenn. Of course I read it right after lunch so I literally felt like I was going to throw up. His face after the first hit was just.. wow. And I couldn't help but be like "OH! Makes sense now." when I read how the bat is named Lucille (after the promo "Lucille Is Coming" was released a few weeks back). I just can't believe how brutal Kirkman is. And honestly I wouldn't mind if the series went on for 1,000 issues, but I'm not a huge fan of Rick. I kind of want to see him die off but still have the series continue. Maybe make someone else be the main character. Or maybe start a new series featuring characters in like England or even Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. on the west coast rather than the South-East. And while Kirkman was surprised that fans are already comparing this new enemy to the Governor, I have to say I couldn't help but compare them myself after just reading 100. But I don't think I'll continue to buy the comics. I just can't do it. I know Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Carl and Andrea are around still (Michonne being one of my favorites, of course) but I just can't do it anymore after that. And I believe that I read that Kirkman only wanted to go to 300 last year around this time.

    Oh and did you see the trailer for Season 3? It looks really good. I just am really scared of who all will eventually die at the Governor's hand. I can't bear to see Daryl, T-Dog (who I think of as the show's version of Tyreese, kinda sorta), Glenn, Andrea, Maggie, Hershel, Carol, anyone die. Though I'm really not a huge TV-Andrea fan. She's kind of a bitch on the show.

    Oh and one suggestion for the blog...bring back your "Weekly Comic News" thingy! I loved it!

  4. Lol, only you would complain about the net not spoiling stuff. And yeah, that helped me figure Glen wouldn't make it, and I hated seeing him die. I swear my jaw dropped when I saw what Lucille did to him. Yeah, I saw first Kirkman wanted to do 300 but this past weekend he was saying he wants to make it to 1,000... but that's a LOT of issues, especially for a once a month title. I can't see Rick making it that far, I'd be surprised if he was around by issue 300 to be honest, I could see them killing him eventually and making Carl the main character, since they could actually age him in that amount of issues. And yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the new dude and The Governor, except I HATED the Governor for what he did to Michonne, and as much as I hate this guy for what he did to Glenn, part of me, deep down, kind of likes the way he acts. He's a great bad guy, and I respect that.

    I did see that trailer! Man it looks awesome, and I actually want T-Dog to die. I hate his character, and I feel like if he's around then Tyreese won't show up, and I LOVED that character. I'm also a big fan of Daryl, Maggie and Glenn on the show, so hopefully they won't die. I wouldn't mind losing Carol or Carl's annoying ass...he's SO annoying on the show to me, lol. And I feel the same way about TV-Andrea.

    Dude, to be honest those were WAY more work than you'd think lol. But for you, I'll try buddy. Maybe I'll start next week. Plus, that's one less book I'll have to review. :P

  5. While I hate what the Governor did to Michonne, she seems to be holding up relatively fine afterwords. What really gets me about him is, while I hate her character, Lori's (and the baby's), Tyreese's and Hershel's deaths.

    Plus i have to say I was a huge fan of Axel in the comics so I really hope they have that shit going on in the show, 'you follow me?' And I think while they have the whole thing with Michonne and Andrea with the Governor, and the rest of the group at the prison I think that's a good way to have both the shit with Axel and the other prisoners happen at the same time as introducing the Governor. I just wish that Daryl would get introduced into the comics. You have no idea how happy that would make me.

    There are a lot of things about the comics that I wish would show up in the show and vice versa. One question, though, do you think that they will chop off Rick's hand? And I honestly hope that they don't introduce Tyreese, just to have his head chopped off by the Governor.

    I actually caught myself reading this new guy's dialogue out loud to myself and while what he was saying was awful, I couldn't help but laugh at how much he was swearing (I think that was me coping to the fact that in two pages, Glenn would be dead). And what was making me consider buying the comics monthly is the fact that a dude with a crossbow is on #101 so I thought I might get it out of hope for Daryl's appearance, but apparently its going to be some dude named Dwight. Man I really need to catch up on this series. I just kind of don't want to because I know shit goes down with Morgan, a lot of shit with Dale, the twins, etc. And I honestly couldn't tell but was that Sophia who was hanging onto Maggie and saying "Mommy" when Glenn was about to get killed? I just wasn't sure.

  6. Oh yeah! I forgot he was the catalyst for Lori and the baby's deaths, as well as Hershel. Hm... maybe T-Dog CAN take Tyreese's place... lol.

    I was thinking the exact same thing about Axel. I really liked that character, I also hope he's in the show. And to be honest I wouldn't be surprised to see Daryl pop up as one of Negan's men who switches sides to help Rick in the comics.

    I don't think Rick's losing his hand, considering Kirkman has said more than one that he regrets having Rick lose it in the comics, plus I think they already went that route with Merle (that's his name right?) losing his hand in season one. And I agree, if Ty finally shows up, just to die, I'll be pissed.

    Dude... exact same thing I did. His swearing, the way he was being so cocky and just some of the shit he said was hilarious... when he's like... you get a pass cause of the race card... you're too hot to have a kid that old, pass! And damn, I hadn't even thought of that, sucks it isn't Daryl. And yeah, a LOT of stuff happens with those people, and yep, that was in fact Sophia calling Maggie "Mommy".

  7. I kind of have a feeling that Daryl will be kind of like, um...whatisface. The guy who helped Rick, Glenn, Michonne, the Doctor, and his assistant from Woodbury. I can't remember his name for the life of me. But I have a feeling Daryl will probably play a similar role in the comics to how he did, except no betrayal. ...MARTINEZ. That's his name.

    Yeah, Lori, Axel, Tyreese, the baby, Patricia, Alice, Billy (Hershel's son), Hershel, and more. And I just looked it up and I never realized that the Governor's real name wasn't Philip that his brother was Philip and after he died, Brian (his brother) took over and became the Governor that we all know... That's scary shit.

    I think it's really cool that Woodbury is an actual place and that Kirkman mostly uses real locations for the series. As for Rick's hand, I think it was a real shocking in-the-moment development, but it was a poor decision if he wants to keep the series going for even 300 issues, let alone 1,000. I actually just looked it up and Woodbury is actually SOUTH of Atlanta which wouldn't make sense if the group came from north of Atlanta and shit.

    Yeah, that's Merle's name. Hahaha. So Daryl, Rick, Carl, Carol, Lori, Andrea, Michonne, Hershel, Glenn, Maggie...who else? Who else is in the show?

  8. Ah, that's a good call. I could see that... man... I trusted Martinez... what a dick he was.

    Damn.... that's a lot of people. So many people die in that series, you forget some of the less important ones like Billy, Alice and Patricia. And I don't think I knew that about the Governor either... maybe I just forgot? Still... sounds like new info.

    See, I actually didn't know Woodbury is a real place, that is pretty cool. And yeah, I agree, it was definitely a shocker but after that shock wore off it was kind of a dumb decision, so I can see them not doing that for the show.

    Hm... the only one's I can think of that you didn't mention are T-Dog, Maggie's sister whose name escapes me and... I think that's it... So they'll probably introduce Axel and the prisoners and use them to kill off, along with Maggie's sister, maybe T-Dog and probably Carol... I'll be surprised if they kill Lori again though.