Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JT's Take: Catwoman #11

Hey honorary members of the Todd Squad, I'm here with our final review before the new comic week starts off, so let's check in with DC's resident feline femme fatale, Catwoman.

Catwoman #11
Summary: This issue of Catwoman starts off with her confronting Detective Alvarez in his own home. He of course goes on the defensive, but Catwoman subdues him long enough to tell him that something is going on in Gotham. She tells him about the recent abductions and how the cops aren't doing anything, but if he wants to help then to call her at the number she left. As she leaves, we see that Spark is watching her and Detective Alvarez. We then see the kidnapper, it turns out our villain is watching and kidnapping people with healthy organs to sell them, and the next one on the chopping block is useless, since he slit his wrists and his organs went bad before they could be properly refrigerated. From there we see Catwoman's associate, Gwen, get shoved into a limo against her will, and she's met by a shadowy figure (Penguin?) who asks about her relationship with Catwoman. A few hours later, Detective Alvarez calls Catwoman, interrupting what was about to be a steamy sex scene with Spark, and the three go on a stakeout looking for the abductor. Not long into the stakeout, the Abductor shows up, at all three locations, causing each one to tackle the abductors and find they have the wrong person. That is, except for Alvarez, who finds the abductor to be a woman named Dollhouse. She shoots pretty much everyone with syringes, including Alvarez, knocking them out, then loads a few of them into her van. Catwoman and Spark show up, but too late, as she's already escaped with Alvarez and the rest. Catwoman feels like this is her fault, since she got Alvarez into this situation, as this issue ends.

Thoughts: Really? Dollmaker, Doll House, whats with all these doll characters? Anyway, aside from that, I was surprised the kidnapper was a woman, that genuinely shocked me. And this was an alright story, nothing really stood out or made this special, but it wasn't bad either, just average I guess. I am interested in seeing how Catwoman finds Alvarez, and Batman is advertised for the next issue, so that will be interesting to say the least.

Score: 6/10

Catwoman: You scream like you're having sex and people will either listen in or trot away. Either way, nobody calls the cops. At least, not right away. (It's funny cause it's true...)

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