Monday, July 23, 2012

JT's Take: Justice League #11

Hey Todd Squad, today we're gonna take a look at this month's issue of Justice League. After being so down on the series I had to review it with Brightest Day Rules, the last issue was pretty damn good, so I reviewed it normally, hopefully this issue continues the trend, so let's find out.

Justice League #11
Summary: This issue started off with the League recovering from Graves attack in the last issue, basically making each of them relive the death's of people they cared about. The League follows Graves use of their teleporter to Steve Trevor's sister's house, but arrive just as Graves leaves. Steve's sister blames Wonder Woman for getting involved with her brother, and now he could be hurt or dead, she tells Wonder Woman to bring Steve home or she'll haunt her for the rest of her life. After leaving Steve's sister, the League decides to go to Graves' cabin, his last known address, but Wonder Woman wants to go alone and plans on decapitating Graves. The League tries to calm her down, including Green Lantern putting her in a bubble, but she bursts out and backhands Hal, sending him flying. Hal goes on the offensive and attacks Wonder Woman, and Superman tries to break it up, but gets a kick in the mouth from Wonder Woman for his trouble. Cyborg notifies Bats that somehow Graves is recording them and streaming them to every device capable, world wide. The League teleports to Grave's cabin, where they all calm down. and Batman explains how Graves' family died after coming in contact with Darkseid five years ago, from some disease, and he blames the League for not saving them... Okay. Batman figures out from Graves' studies that he went to the Valley of Souls, so the League heads there, but for some reason only Cyborg can see the entrance, which is odd since you can only see it if you're walking the line between Life and Death. Upon entering, the League members each see the souls of someone close to them that's passed away, Batman see's his parents, Superman see's his parents, Aquaman and Hal see their dad's, Flash see's his mother I'd assume, but Cyborg see's himself?! The issue comes to a close as Wonder Woman see's the spirit of Steve Trevor, who tells her that she's too late.

Thoughts: I'm shocked... two months ago I HATED this series, but these last two issues have been great. This was a really good issue, I enjoyed the in-fighting, I'm curious about Cyborg being half dead, as well as if they actually allow Trevor to stay dead, since that surprised me. I'm also wondering if they were planting seeds for his sister to become a Wonder Woman villain. Overall, there was a lot of good in the comic, and hardly any bad. Plus, the SHAZAM back up has always been pretty good. If Justice League keeps this up, it could become one of my favorite comics.

Score: 8.5/10

Green Lantern: You've been dying for this, haven't you?
Wonder Woman: This isn't giving me any pleasure. But I'm sure you've heard that before. (BURN!!!!!)


  1. I agree! I've really enjoyed this arc. This series has begun living up to the flagship title status that it should be and hopefully it'll be even better after the Cheetah story arc and stuff. But I hope that Jim Lee's going to stop with the breaks because three months is a bit much. I would have loved to have seen some background on Martian Manhunter's time with the League in Justice League #0 rather than an entire issue of SHAZAM. They may as well have a SHAZAM one-shot because it's not even Justice League then. But I do enjoy the back-up story so I'm not really complaining too much.

  2. Wait... there's a Cheetah story arc? Link me dude! And yeah, I like Lee's art too much for him to keep leaving for such long amounts of time... I agree about MM, but I don't mind SHAZAM, since that's been awesome. I'd prefer SHAZAM get it's own comic but... whatever.

  3. JT
    here is what we have on the cheetah arc

    • JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 will have the world debating its shocking conclusion – and where it will lead from here!
    • The League takes on a villain destined to be one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe in the year ahead – the mysterious Cheetah! But who is she? What is her connection to Wonder Woman? And how will this fundamentally change the relationships within the team?

    WOW what if trevor's sister is the new cheetah
    And yeah Jim lee's art was slacking bad last issue, but he came back with Glory this issue, supurb
    and while i wish lee was on art for the cheetah arc tony daniel is a fine artist so for me no big deal

  4. I don't know if I can take Cheetah seriously as a threat to the entire League... but I immediately thought the same thing about Trevor's sister. That would be interesting. And yeah, while I don't care for Daniel's writing, he can definitely draw a great issue.