Saturday, July 28, 2012

JT's Take: Deadpool #58

Hey guys and gals, today we're gonna check in with our favorite former Regeneratin Degenerate, with a game on the horizon, the sky is looking high for the Crimson Comedian, so let's see if this issue is doing as well as Deadpool's career.

Deadpool #58

Summary: This issue of everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth starts off with Deadpool being caught with his pants down, literally, as Deadpool is caught doing a numero dos on the toilet as he's confronted by a gun-toting supervillain by the name of Black Swan. We flashback to eight days ago as we see Black box notifying Black Swan about the chance to get revenge on Deadpool, since he no longer has his healing factor. From there we go to five days ago, as we see Deadpool, upset that his pinky finger hasn't grown back yet. He's starting to regret being cured and being able to die now. Deadpool decides to go ask Cable to stop Black Box, since the two are friends, but it turns out Cable is in a coma, so... once again, Pool get's screwed. Back at the present, Pool talks Black Swan into letting him at leas flush first, which he does, but Deadpool leaps behind the shower curtain as he does. Turns out a few days before, Pool bought an Anti-Ballistic Shower Curtain. Classic Deadpool. As Deadpool flushed, a bomb shot out of the back of the toilet, which blasted Black Swan away. Black Swan is now bleeding to death from an artery, as Deadpool stands over him victorious, Black Box realizes that Black Swan has failed, so he calls someone else and asks if they want a shot at Deadpool. The issue ends as the challenge is accepted by noneother than Black Tom.

Thoughts: Black Swan, Black Box, Black Tom.... what is it with Deadpool and Blacks? Lol, wait, that came out wrong. Anyway, I'm wondering who's next, maybe Black Bolt and Black Panther? Other than that, not much happened though, the plan was classic Deadpool which was fun, and Deadpool is already regretting losing his healing factor, maybe he'll be able to get it back and keep his good looks? I guess we'll find out, although I can't say I'm too excited to see Pool take on Black Tom...

Score: 6/10

Deadpool: Wish I'd learned how to moonwalk... Wonder if there's a Youtube video that could teach me...?

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