Monday, April 16, 2012

Ultimate X-Men #10

One more review for the night, to complete the comic book trifecta, as this one is from Marvel. Well, actually Ultimate Marvel... Same difference...

Ultimate X-Men #10:

Summary: Camp Angel has fallen and the government's officials have been taken prisoner by the angry mutants who used to be captives there. Storm doesn't think the mutants should kill the government officials who were in charge of the camp, since that would make the mutants as bad as, if not worse, than their former guards. On the other hand we have Stacy X, who feels the mutants should wreak a bloody vengeance on their former guards. Storm manages convince all of the mutants in the camp to take a democratic approach to the situation and vote on which direction they wanted to go. The vote comes back tied(really?!), at which point Colossus, who had been locked in solitary confinement emerges to cast his vote. Storm seems confident that Colossus would see things her way, at least until he crushes the skull of one of the officials(!), throwing his lot in with Stacy X and her followers.

Thoughts: Here's the thing. The story here is good, the art is good, everything is good. Except for the fact that we STILL haven't gone back to Jimmy and the real X-Men for a whole mess of issues now... We just keep setting up different stories in different areas... Which is well and good and all, provided we actually get to see the main characters from time to time! The flow of this series is just so weird...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
ultimate x-men #10
This scene desperately needed a comical “CRUNCH” sound effect...


  1. hey check this out SO BADASS!

  2. Okay, I don't know why they're fighting, but that was AWESOME! That movie REALLY looks like it could be flat out amazing! The wait is almost over!!!

  3. ok very small spoilers
    cap and ironman "capture loki" (hehehehehehe heah good one)there transporting him on the quinnjet and thor shows up and is like wtf why is bro alive and bust loki out. and ironman doesnt take too kindly too that.

    and yeah 10 days left, if you havent seen the ironmans, cap and incredible hulk movie i suggest you do whatevas you have to to see them before u see the avengers, you will enjoy it imeasurably more i think

  4. My sister actually lent me the two IM movies, I just have to get around to watching them... Between work, this blog and all the comics I read, that may not happen!

  5. good luck tho and we do appretiate your dedication to the Blog and us viewers, hope your weeks going good and stays so

  6. hmmm, the Story hopping thing may have something to do with them only haveing so much room to give a story. I mean, I think the Marvel universe is on thin ice, seeing as what they've done, and how I've seen fans react. So I guess they're trying to explain everything as best they can in a single line.

    That or it just means something big is coming..