Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #684

First up tonight? Spidey. Yep, that's all the intro I have, so imagine how lackluster the review is going to be!

Amazing Spider-Man #684:

Summary: Silver Sable, who was running around in an invisibility granting outfit and flying an invisible plane(...), rescues Spidey and Black Widow from the Sinister Six(or Sinister Five, since Electro was knocked into space or something last issue.). Doc Ock is a bit perturbed by Spidey's escape, but moves forward with his plans, and tells the world's governments what he needs(several missiles outfitted with a special payload that would protect the Earth's atmosphere from global warming). In return, Ock asks for the other Sinister Six members criminal records to be wiped clean, and 2 billion dollars for each member of the Six... Except for Ock, since he was dying and all. Ock simply asks for a school that would teach the brightest minds in the world, as well as serve as a testament to the man(Ock) who saved the world. Still smelling a rat, Spidey and the ladies decide to head to the missile location in the Sahara Desert to see what was going on at the base, as well as to hopefully take Sandman out of the picture, since it would make sense Ock would send Sandman to guard a missile base in the Sahara. Spidey and the women search the missile base, and realize that there was nothing in the satellites Ock was planning on sending into space... Interesting... From there, they bump into Sandman, and after a bit of a battle, defeat and capture the villain. Upon finding out what Spidey has done, Ock once again turns to the world's governments and tells them that before he could save the world Spider-Man had to be hunted down and brought to justice.

Thoughts: For whatever reason, this issue just didn't do anything for me... I mean normally I love Dan Slott's work and all, but this issue was strangely flat for me. I really can't explain it... I enjoyed the first two issues of this storyline, but this issue didn't do it for me. Oh well, hopefully I get back into the story come the next issue.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #684
I loved the tip of the hat to Sandman and Sable's past relationship here.

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  1. 5$ says that DC sues Marvel for the invisible plane so that they wont go bankrupt during AvX.
    Also no world leader can be stupid enough to send guys to hunt down spider-man and doc ocks command come on, at the very least you think they would after the norman osborn fiasco...
    But nooo every few months some villain threatens to destroy stuff if they aren't given the government and its up to guys like Cap to remind them that those guys are super-villains and not to be dealt with.