Monday, April 9, 2012

Daredevil #10.1

One more review for the night, and I'm gonna admit, it's gonna suck... I am SO tired right now, I'm literally typing this intro up with my eyes closed... Yes, LITERALLY! I'm gonna have a lot of work to do when I proofread this one...

Daredevil #10.1:

Summary: Matt Murdock(for the woefully uninformed, that would be Daredevil) heads to a prison to speak with a criminal who had tried to kill him as per the orders of the Black Spectre organization. The room the criminal is in has a constant racket going on in the background in order to keep the criminal from concentrating, since he could create fire when he concentrated. The racket also ends up distracting DD, to the point that the criminal gets the jump on him and decides to try to bargain with the guards for his freedom with Matt as a hostage. Unfortunately, the criminal doesn't know that Matt and DD are one and the same, which leads to Matt beating the criminal bloody before he is let out of the holding room by the surprised guards. Later on, Matt, as Daredevil, crashes a meeting of the minds between the Black Spectre, Hydra, AIM, the Secret Empire and Agence Byzantine organizations. The idiot criminals still haven't figured out what to do about DD holding the Omegadrive(which is a device that contained TONS of info on all five organizations), and DD is tired of waiting around for the villains to make their move on him. He tells them that the Spectres had tried to kill DD alone, which violates the pact the villains made with each other. DD then reveals that as punishment, he sent out a ton of info about the Black Spectre organization to the media, crippling their operation. With that, DD leaves and the other four representatives from the criminal organizations take out their anger on the Spectre guy, ending this one.

Thoughts: I swear, this comic did not seem like a regular sized, $3 Marvel book... It almost seemed like two different stories, the Matt Murdock one in jail, and the DD one, with the criminal organizations. This is what a point one issue should be! A story heavy comic that basically fills newer readers in on who the main character is(Matt Murdock), what he does(fights crime as a lawyer and costumed hero), and what the main storyline is(the Omegadrive stuff). So while we didn't really cover any new ground for somebody like me, who has been following this series since the first issue, I'd think this was a great comic for newer fans to the series/character, and really, isn't that what these point one issue SHOULD be about.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
daredevil #10.1
There really is only one thing I can say about this scene, and it's this: HA!!!

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