Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Mutants #41

First up for the night? Nate Grey and the New Mutants... That's right, I will not rest until this series gets that as it's title!

New Mutants #41:

Summary: Blink pops in on the New Mutants(I didn't realize she was so friendly with them...) and notices they were all down in the dumps. To rectify that, she takes them to some sort of crazy new year's party in Madripoor. Huh... Weird... Anyway, Dani, Magma and Blink start to spontaneously dance(weird...), while Cypher tries to teach Sunspot how to pick up girls(weird...). Warlock bumps into a woman and the two hit it off, with the woman giving Warlock her phone number(I guess I have to say it again. Weird...). Nate stays off on his own, at least until Dani tracks him down and offers to teach him to dance, since, as Nate put it, there was no disco in the Age of Apocalypse... HA!!! Awesome line there... The two do some dancing, and then naturally share a kiss. In the end, the team takes a group photo and this issue ends.

Thoughts: Huh. This was a very weird issue... But you know what? I liked it!! I mean I didn't love it or anything like that, but dammit, I did enjoy it, and that's all that matters! Yeah sure, there were several parts here where I just looked dumbfounded at what I was reading, but in the end? I did enjoy reading this issue, weird or not.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
new mutants #41
You da man, Nate!!


  1. hey justa heads up next month New Mutants and Journey into Mystery will crossover with each other, it starts with a oneshot called Exiled

    here is the offical info

    EXILED #1
    Cover by STEPHANIE HANS • It’s NEW MUTANTS. It’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. It’s NEW MUTANTS *and* JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. It’s the New Journey Into Mutant Mystery!
    • With a left over “s”.
    • A forgotten hero returns, mightier than Thor himself, but will the truth behind his exile consume them all?
    32 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ …$2.99





    • Gods made mortal, with mutants their only hope for survival!
    • Undead cannibals on the loose, San Francisco turned inside out by forbidden magic!
    • A thrilling mythological mystery adventure in the Mighty Marvel manner, the most epic crossover of 2012! (Not counting that one where As fight Xs)
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99 (EACH)

  2. wait, is this the 616 Blink, or the Exiles Blink? cause I wasn't aware that any of them were familiar with each other... if it's 616's, well, I thought she was shy and nervous or w.e o.o
    and if it's the Exile's Blink, I don't think they know each other... what's going on x.x? lol....
    would reading your older reviews help put this into perspective? xD

  3. Oh, you KNOW I have my eyes on that Exiled issue, Movieartman! Combining Journey and New Mutants should make for some awesome comics.

    This is the 616 Blink(the one who died and then came back... I think...). She popped up once before in this series(since DnA took over) and seemed pissed off all the time. Then in this issue, she was suddenly the New Mutants best friend/dance partner... Like I kept saying in the review, it was weird!

  4. Nate is definitely the man for he aced the prominite lead of the team. Ha! Not bad for a new guy/outsider. Like I said earlier, love DnA for the merger of Wild Immature Nate who digs chicks and Wise Shaman Nate who is quite responsible/full grown. Now on a more serious note: Since Hope is mimicing/enhanced replicating the Pheonix Force's power....would not that make Hope more powerful than the Dark Pheonix. I say that because whenever she mimics other mutant abilities (though unsure how it works exactly for cosmic beings/entitities) she seems to replicate such powers 10x better than the one who possesses them. With that note addressed, I feel that the Pheonix Force may jump around to find a suitable host worth of rivaling Phoenixque Hope, since she possible is more powerful than the Phoenix Force itself. This will be the first time the Pheonix actually has a challenge and being the inferior at that. So my best bet in the end is that she will merge with either a power hitter such as Wanda the Scarlett Witch, Franklin Richards, or GODLIKE Cable (since as it stands...Cable is, in essence, a better experienced and equipped warrior version of Nate "X-man" Grey at the moment) if not all three. It may possible merge with Rachel Grey (due to Pheonix familiarity signature), Nate Grey (however in his current state of power, I seriously doubt it), or choose to resurrect Jean Grey (possibly with Wanda's help) from the White Room due to being most comfortable/familar/favored with Jean as host.) What do you all think?

  5. Oh...and about that Age of Apocalypse disco line....perhaps that is true of his homeworld, BUT DID NOT NATE GO OUT DANCING WHEN HE WAS DATING MELODY AKA THRENODY AS WELL AS DANCE AND TAKE CENTER STAGE AT A CONCERT WHEN LIVING IN NEW YORK A WHILE BACK IN HIS WILD AND FREE DAYS BEFORE SHAMANISM....just saying. lying dawg! Maybe being shaman recently created a memory laps or he was just telling Dani that to be cool/reserved and low key due to the fact he had too much on his mind or possibly that's now his SWAG. I mean he defintely is the oddball of the uniform and interaction to quite a degree that isn't overbearingly independant (Shaman Nate).

  6. A funny thought jumped into my head with the whole "can't dance" thing. The body Nate currently uses is actually the body of an alt-Nate who inspired Nate to do the Shaman thing. While teaching Nate what it meant to be a Shaman, he introduced Nate to his tribe and mentioned that they enjoyed watching him do the occasional bit of wild dancing. I just imagined Dani asking Nate to dance, and Nate responding with a Shamanic tribal dance for her. Dani's face would probably have been worth twice the comic's price! :)

  7. Idk, RadT... I mean yeah, Hope is definitely mimicking the Phoenix Force and all, but I can't see that making her MORE powerful than the Force itself... Unless she dupes the power of the Phoenix AND like all of the mutants on Earth... Then it would make sense for the Phoenix to bring Jean back as it's host body to deal with uber-powerful Hope. But I can't say I see Hope ever standing up to the Phoenix Force. But then I hate Hope and would rather see her simply become a mindless pawn of the Phoenix. :P

    HA!! That's right, Nate was ALWAYS going out to clubs and stuff! I remember he fought some goof named Jackknife or something at a club... I totally blanked on that. Good old Nate... Playing the shy role to get Dani! :D

  8. Crap, I totally meant to mention the stuff with Blink in my review. What was up with that? I thought Blink sort of hated them, based on her last appearance. But, I totally had the same response, X, that I just loved so much of this issue that I found myself not caring about the bizarre moments. I mean, Warlock got play! Who would've thunk it?

    I'm totally going to have to buy old "X-Man" back issues. I remember really liking him in the day, but having way too much stuff happening elsewhere in comics. I think I'd really dig seeing Nate the club star! Maybe that's why Nate sort of mumbled about the "Age of Apocalypse," because he knew he was lying. He was totally playing, like telling her about how his dad was mean to him or something. ("I didn't really get to dance when my pa made me do chores on the farm all day..."

  9. Cool, I'm glad the I wasn't the only one confused by the Blink thing... Her actions here, as opposed to the last time we saw her were like night and day... I STILL don't get when they all became such fast friends...

    HA! Nate is a stone cold playa! :D 'Nuff said! :D