Friday, November 27, 2009

A Quick Look at Supergirl #46

Writers: Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka. Pencils: Jamal Igle and Eduardo Pansica.

What Happened: For the record, this is the final part of the thus far very good "Hunt For Reactron" x-over. Nightwing manages to free Supergirl from the clutches of Reactron because his tactile telekinesis isn't affected by the red sun shackles he was fitted with in Action Comics #882(how convenient!). From there, NW frees himself and Flamebird and the Metropolis 3 attack Reactron. While this is occurring, Lois Lane manages to sneak past the incompetent Metropolis Science Police and gets into the sewers, which is where the battle against Reactron is taking place. Thanks to the gold Kryptonite(FYI, gold Kryptonite removes super powers from Kryptonians for 15 seconds)embedded in his chest, Reactron is MORE then a match for the Metropolis 3, which he proves by removing SG's powers and nearly cutting FB in half with an energy blast. NW tries to take Reactron's attention away from FB and SG, and winds up catching a beating for his efforts. By this point Reactron has realized that Lois was watching the battle, so he tosses NW aside and prepares to blast her into smithereens. SG and NW try to stop Reactron, but he effortlessly tosses them aside before returning his attentions to Lois. Lois momentarily halts Reactron's attack by stabbing him in the neck with her pen(!!!), but he recovers and prepares to kill Lois and the Kryptonians. FB, who was still injured from the earlier energy blast, transforms into the Flamebird from Kryptonian legend and completely and utterly defeats Reactron, even tearing the gold Kryptonite from his chest and turning it to ashes... Wow... Flamebird prepares to incinerate Reactron, and Reactron tries to save his life by ratting out Gen. Lane as the mastermind behind all of Reactron's evil antics. SG approaches Flamebird and asks her to spare Reactron's life, since her father(who was murdered by Reactron)would want justice, not vengeance done in his name. Flamebird agrees to spare Reactron so he can face charges on New Krypton, before she heads over to NW, makes out with him, turn back into Thara and passes out. After everything is sorted out, SG and FB make up, since FB obviously isn't crazy like SG had always thought, NW takes Lois back to the Daily Planet with her exclusive story about Reactron and Gen. Lane, and SG heads to New Krypton to hand Reactron over to her mother to face the charges of murdering her father.

What I Thought: While there were alot of difficult to swallow moments in this comic, such as NW's telekinesis not being dampened by the red sun shackles, Lois' pen harming Reactron while he shrugged off everything else thrown at him(I guess the pen truly IS mightier then the sword...)and Flamebird turning into a god just in time to defeat Reactron before he managed to kill anybody, it was still a VERY satisfying read. I'd have no problem recommending this x-over to anybody wanting to read a good Super-story. I'll definitely be picking up the next issue of Supergirl in order to see what happens to Reactron, so if nothing else this x-over has managed to convince me to buy more issues of Supergirl, so I have to give a "job well done" to the writers. Besides seeing what will happen to Reactron, it should be interesting to see what the revelation that Flamebird isn't really crazy, but is indeed the reincarnation of the Kryptonian god by the same name does to FB's relationship with NW. Even with no Superman around, his family of comic books continue to please.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.On this one page alone Reactron earns 25 coolness points from me. "Krypto-heaven"... HA!

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