Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Quick Look at Justice League of America #38

Writer: James Robinson. Pencils: Mark Bagley.

Quick note here, I haven't read JLA #37 due to my post office problems, but I doubt what happened in that comic has any real bearing on what happens here.

What Happened: This issue starts off with some guy named Blue Jay getting iced by some unseen foe before he could get a warning to the JLA. From there we head to Happy Harbor, Rhode Island where what's left of the Justice League has decided to meet(fun fact, Young Justice also used to call Happy Harbor home)to decide what to do with themselves. Only Vixen(who put out the call), Dr. Light, Red Tornado and Plastic Man show up, which really disappointed Vixen, who was expecting a better turnout. Vixen seems ready to disband the League for good, but before she can actually say it, Despero attacks. Despero throws Gypsy at the JLA and proceeds to attack them. With Vixen, Plastic Man and Dr. Light injured, Despero has little trouble walking through the League. Before Despero can kill anybody, Zatanna arrives on the scene, and prepares to send Despero to the center of the Earth. However, before she can complete the spell, Despero violently disappears. Although the heroes are perplexed by Despero's bizarre appearance and subsequent disappearance, they learn from Zatanna that the dead are rising throughout the DCU, and that they need to return to the Hall of Justice to see what they can do to help. This issue ends with Zatanna teleporting the remnants of the League away, while Black Lantern Dr. Light awaits them at the Hall of Justice.

What I Thought: Well, there was an obvious problem here, and that would be the fact that the Justice League: Cry For Justice mini-series is still ongoing, which means James really can't do much with this series. Until the events of Cry For Justice are settled, this series is going to be stuck in a holding pattern. Although I was hoping this issue would herald the beginning of the new JLA, I'm OK with the next few issues following these JLAers as they deal with the events of Blackest Night, especially since the evil Dr. Light seems to be the focus of the next issue. That should be good to say the least.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.To say that I'm looking forward to the next issue is definitely an understatement!


  1. Believe it or not, Mr. Robinson is set to debut his all-new Justice League line-up in January, a month before "Cry for Justice" is scheduled to wrap up.

  2. Huh, that actually makes no sense... Oh well, hopefully that issue of JLA doesn't spoil too much about what happens at the end of Cry for Justice.