Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Quick Look at Booster Gold #25

Writer & Artist: Dan Jurgens.

What Happened: This issue begins with Booster, Rip and Skeets returning to the present after fixing the messed up timeline that occurred due to Dick Grayson's death. With that business taken care of, Booster wants some down time, but Rip instead sends him back to the Batcave to retrieve the photos of Booster trying to prevent Barbara Gordon's shooting at the hands of the Joker. Booster heads to the Cave and runs into Damian, the two briefly fight until Dick arrives on the scene to see just what was going on. Meanwhile, Rip Hunter thinks that TO Morrow may know something about the true identity of the Black Beetle, so he heads to Morrow's layer, only to find Morrow being driven slowly insane by his chrono-viewer. Rip takes the viewer off of Morrow, and is promptly attacked by the Black Beetle. Black Beetle taunts Rip for a while before damaging the power core in Morrow's lab, forcing Rip to beat a hasty retreat. Back at the Cave, Dick sends Damian away, and Booster levels with him, showing Dick the photos of himself, Babs and Joker. Booster and Dick do some bonding, and as a show of good faith, Booster takes Dick 15 years back in time and allows Dick to watch his younger self celebrate Christmas with his parents, bringing this issue to a close.

What I Thought: This was a nice little story. Nothing much really happened, Dick and Booster bonded, Rip ran into and was outsmarted by Black Beetle again and I didn't bother to read the Blue Beetle back-up feature(as usual). All in all, this was a good, if unspectacular comic book. Next issue begins the Blackest Night x-over stuff, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Before I end this post I want to get something off my chest. I'm sick and tired of DC's Second Feature experiment. It was OK for the first 2 months or so, but now it's just really annoying. It really bothers me that I have top pay an extra $1 to read Booster Gold because there's a Blue Beetle back-up story... I HATE Blue Beetle! And quite frankly, I'm probably not the only one! If there was a large Blue Beetle fanbase, he'd still have an ongoing series. Enough with the Second Features. There have been a few good ones(Streets of Gotham), but for the most part this whole experience has been a large waste of my money, and if it doesn't stop soon, I'm going to have to cut many of these Second Feature books out of my budget. End of rant.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.How in the world does Dick deal with Damian? If I had to put up with that kid, I'd have gone insane a LONG time ago!


  1. On the last panel of that Beetle thing, Black Beetle tells Jamie to tell Ted Kord he said hello when he see's him. That's really the ONLY thing worth mentioning.

    Btw you know his name is Hy-Me? I heard them say it on Batman Brave and the Bold, looked it up, the whole time I thought it was Jay-me yet it's Hy-me...weird.

  2. Yeah, I just flipped through the Blue Beetle feature and saw him mention Ted Kord, I can't wait for the next issue since it looks like Ted does indeed finally make a comeback.

    HA, That's the EXACT way I found out! I saw that cartoon and thought the EXACT same thing!

  3. I mean, I had to friggin look it up after that. Because I know Kevin Conroy says Ray-sh Al Ghul and everyone I know says Raaz al Ghul so I'm like maybe Bader is just off, but I looked it up and saw Hy-me. That's a very unusual name.

  4. I always thought it was R-ay-z al Ghul as well. But then there are so many super-hero names that I've tended to mispronounce. Growing up I always thought it was Magneto(like pronounced like magnet-o), but then I found out it was supposed to be Mag-neat-o.

    I guess the pronounciation of "Jamie" is one of those regional dialect things, like Jesus. For me, it's Jee-sus, but in the spanish speaking world, it's "Hey-Zeus", it must be one of those types of things.

  5. I could see Magnet-o. I was thinking today about how if i didnt know Kryptonite I'd probably pronounce it as Cryp-ton-it so i know what you mean.

    Good point I didnt even think of it being like hey-suss. Nice call X