Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quick Look at Batman #692

Boy, my reviews lately have been pretty wordy... I am going to try my hardest to fly through this review since it's already getting late and I've got some early classes tomorrow.
Writer and Penciller: Tony Daniels.

What Happened: Black Mask is still running wild in Gotham, sending out brainwashed minions called False Faces to commit the various crimes he wanted committed. Batman(Dick Grayson)enlists the aid of Catwoman to find Black Mask since both she and her ally, Poison Ivy, have had dealings with Mask in the past. After some digging, Catwoman isn't able to discover much about Mask, but she does tell Dick about a large estate in a secluded part of Gotham where there has been a lot of mob movements as of late. Dick and Catwoman head out to the estate, and Dick confronts the mobsters who are led by the formerly insane Mario Falcone. Dick attacks the mobsters and warns them out of Gotham before leaving while Catwoman pillages some loot from Falcone's house while Falcone's niece watches unnoticed. This issue ends with Black Mask's ministry of science, Hugo Strange, Dr. Death and Fright, managing to bring Reaper out of some kind of cyrogenic sleep.

What I Thought: Eh, I have to admit that a lot of this comic sailed way over my head. I only fleetingly know about Strange and Dr. Death, while I know absolutely nothing about Fright and Reaper. I'm not overly concerned though, this was only the first issue of Daniel's Batman run, so I'm not going to throw him under the bus or anything(yet!). Hopefully things will begin to make a little bit more sense with the next issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.If these losers are the best Black Mask can come up with, I don't think Batman has all that much to fear from him...

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