Friday, November 27, 2009

A Quick Look at Action Comics #882

Writers: Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates. Artist: Pere Pèrez.

What Happened: This is the third part of the Supergirl/Action Comics x-over, "The Hunt for Reactron". This issue opens up with Gen. Lane demanding that Col. Hazard adds Reactron to Squad K while the Squad continues to hunt for the Metropolis 3(that would be Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird). Hazard doesn't want Reactron, since Reactron is a loose cannon, but ultimately Hazard agrees to bring Reactron along, which greatly pleases Lane. NW meets with his "mother", Lois Lane, in secret in Metropolis and NW professes his innocence to Lois, claiming it was Reactron and Metallo who were seen on TV murdering Mon-El, not him and FB. While NW and Lois speak, NW hears the engine of a Squad K vehicle and he decides to engage them before they locate him speaking with Lois, which would endanger his "mother". SG and FB also hear the engines from their hiding place in Metropolis, and head out to see if NW needs any help. NW lures the Squad away from where he was meeting with Lois, and Reactron disobeys a direct order from Hazard by entering the fight after he was told to remain in the Squad K carrier. SG spots Reactron, and wants to bring him to justice for the death of her father, but ultimately the Metropolis 3 decide to head underground into the sewer system to try to shake the Squad. The Squad catch up to the Metropolis 3 in the wrecked sewer system(the Metropolis sewers were destroyed in "Codename: Patriot" FYI)and NW decides to surrender to the Squad, much to SG's surprise. After Hazard fits the M3 with red sun shackles, FB explains to Hazard that they surrendered to him because they want to clear their names, and that Reactron was responsible for the animosity between the Earth and New Krypton, as well as the death of Mon-El and the destruction of the Metropolis sewer system. After listening to FB's impassioned speech, Hazard decides to question Reactron, which prompts Reactron to kill Hazard and Squad K right in front of the shocked Metropolis 3. This issue ends with Reactron preparing to murder the powerless SG much like he did to her father.

What I Thought: Hey, this is turning out to be one hell of a good x-over! It's fast paced, exciting, and tells a good story. Not bad! I'll be interested to see how the writers decide to end this x-over, hopefully they'll allow Reactron to escape with his life, because he's turning into a pretty decent villain. That guy has been responsible for some pretty evil acts during his short time in the DCU. He'd be a great reoccurring foe for SG, much like Metallo is for Supes. Instead of continuing to heap praise on this comic, I'll instead end this post and move on to the final part of the "Hunt" storyline.

Score: 9 out of 10.I don't know about anybody else, but I am absolutely LOVING the way Gen. Sam Lane is being portrayed in the Superman family of books. Lex Who?

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