Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Quick Look at Justice Society of America #32

Writers: Matthew Sturges & Bill Willingham. Artist: Jesus Merino.

What Happened: Mr. America, Power Girl and Flash(Jay Garrick)are still interrogating All-American Kid about his fatal attack on Mr. Terrific. Kid swears that he didn't do it and upon further review of the videotape, the trio begins to suspect that Kid was under some sort of mind control. Kid's roommate, King Chimera, has the ability to create realistic looking illusions, which causes the trio to begin to suspect that Chimera may have some sort of mind control abilities that he hasn't yet revealed. After some discussion, the trio decides that Kid is innocent and that Chimera is now the prime suspect in the murder of Mr. Terrific. Speaking of Mr. Terrific, although he is dead, Green Lantern(Alan Scott)and Dr. Fate have kept his body in stasis since he died so Fate could figure out a spell to return Terrific to life. Unfortunately, Fate is having a tough time finding the correct spell. Liberty Belle and Power Girl take Chimera into an interrogation room, show him the video footage of Kid, and all but accuse him of Terrific's murder. Chimera becomes offended at his treatment and decides to leave, using his illusion powers to trick Power Girl and Belle repeatedly, but never once displaying any sort of mind control abilities. PG eventually catches Chimera, but before she can proceed to beat any answers out of him, a horde of super-villains, led by Dr. Polaris, attack the JSA brownstone, ending this issue.

What I Thought: Well, as far as I'm concerned, this entire storyline has been as good, if not better then anything written by the former writer of this series, Geoff Johns. Yes, seriously! Trust me, no one's more surprised then me. I don't even know where to begin with my praise. This whole storyline has been stellar. We still don't know who the mastermind behind the coordinated attacks on the JSA is, nor why this mystery villain wants the entire team, with the exception of Star Girl, dead. Besides that, we have the excellent who-done-it mystery involving Mr. Terrific. After reading this issue, I can't shake the feeling that All-American Kid faked his mind control and was in complete control of his actions. Chimera is the perfect scapegoat with his abrasive attitude and his mental(ish)powers. My guess is that Chimera isn't the traitor and that Kid has been working with the mystery villain to bring the JSA down. However, I could be very wrong. The thing I'm really enjoying about this storyline is the fact that this was the 4th part, and after every issue I've changed my mind on who was responsible for stabbing Terrific and who the mystery villain is. Great storytelling, along with great art makes for a great comic, it's that simple.

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.I wonder just how much money the JSA spends on new tables every year...

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