Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Hits: 3/11/11

Hey, X here with a quick Quick Hits post... “quick Quick Hits”? Anyway, I'm now fully engrossed by Dragon Age 2(for my PS3, naturally), so I really don't feel like doing a long intro. All you really need to know is that there are three reviews here and they're all from Marvel. The longer the intro, the less time I have for my new game, so let's just get to the reviews!

Deadpool #33.1:

Summary: Deadpool takes a job from two owners of an apartment building who task him with evicting the Wrecker from their building. Although Deadpool isn't quite sure why the hell the owners would have rented an apartment to a guy named the Wrecker, he heads to the building and is summarily pounded into paste by the Wrecker. Later on, Pool heads back to the owners and demands more money before going after Wrecker again, since Pool had discovered that the owners were planning on selling the land the apartment building was on to a third party buyer, who in turn was planning on building condominiums in the place of the apartment building. The owners reluctantly agree and Pool returns to the building and resumes the fight. Pool gets wrecked by the Wrecker yet again, and decides to hide in the apartment of some old lady while he healed up from his wounds. The old woman explains that once Wrecker was gone from the building, the owners were going to evict everybody else, and that Wrecker was the only reason they still had a place to live. Upon learning this, Pool and Wrecker put aside their differences and mess the building up a bit on live TV, thus causing the third party buyer to cancel his agreement to buy the apartment from the owners, since the land had become more trouble then it was worth. From there, Pool gives all of the money he received from the owners to the old woman, who buys the building(at a discounted price) from the owners, and then uses the remainder of the money to fix the damage done to it by Pool and Wrecker. After that, Deadpool kills the two owners for the old woman(who paid him in Polish soup) and this issue ends.

Thoughts: You know there's a problem when the best thing about a comic is the opening recap page... This was one of those VERY rare occasions where I just didn't like a comic written by Daniel Way. I mean usually he's Mister Reliability, but this comic fell flat for me. I never got into the story, the humor wasn't funny(which is a really bad thing in a Deadpool comic), and the ending just didn't make sense. This was the first Marvel.1 comic that I can honestly say I didn't enjoy.

Score: 4 out of 10.I needed to scan something from this comic, so here we are...

Captain America #615:

Summary: We kick things off with Bucky arriving at the Statue of Liberty(as per Sin's orders) and being jumped(and thrashed!) by Master Man. Sin runs inside the Statue to set her undoubtedly evil plans into motion, just as Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter arrive on the scene to deal with Master Man and Sin's cannon-fodder. Steve tells Bucky to try to save Falcon and Black Widow, who Sin had taken hostage and locked up in the Statue. Bucky rushes inside, but finds himself being shot at by Sin with some explosive shells. Bucky's shield manages to take the brunt of the blast, but he's definitely worse for wear at this point. Bucky soldiers onward and makes it to the room where Sin had tied up Falcon and Widow, as well as stashed her huge collection of explosives. Before Bucky can move to apprehend Sin, she pushes her detonator and blows a hole in one of the Statue's eyes, jumping out and escaping into the night via a concealed jetpack. Needless to say, everybody is a bit surprised that Sin didn't follow through with her threat to destroy the Statue, especially since she had so many explosives in it, but it seems that all she really wanted to do was further hurt Bucky's chances in his trail(he did escape from custody to deal with her), as well as leave a symbolic victory by giving the Statue a “black eye”. Bucky turns himself back in and the judge(as well as his lawyer) is none to pleased by his escape. After admonishing Bucky, the judge allows the trial to resume, and after listening to the prosecutor's closing arguments, Bucky agrees with him and decides to change his plea to guilty(!!), since Bucky feels that he should take responsibility for his actions as the Winter Soldier, even if he wasn't in control of his mind. After some thought, the judge accepts the plea and hands Bucky a sentence of 20 years in prison, but immediately says that the time was considered served, meaning Bucky was a free man. Bucky and his friends celebrate, and this issue ends with a Russian ambassador showing up in the court to tell Bucky that he had been tried in absentia in Russia and had been found guilty of the crimes he committed as the Winter Solder(!).

Thoughts: Ah Ed Brubaker... How do you do it?! He's been writing this series for how long now? It has to be a good five years plus, right? And he's STILL hitting it out of the park with every issue! I mean I am truly amazed! This issue was fantastic, and had me enthralled from cover to cover. The fight scenes were great, Sin's parts were great, the elation felt when Bucky had won his case, and how rapidly it turned to disappointment was a thing of beauty! What more can I say? Ed Brubaker is now, officially... The Man.

Score: 9 out of 10.Shoo fly, don't bother me!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #6:

Summary: Thanks to the intelligence Daken had managed to collect, Tyger Tiger and her crew of Madripoor's police force as well as some of her own goons, manage to infiltrate the secret hangout of Madripoor's main movers and shakers, the bankers. Having gained possession of the bankers secret ledgers, Tyger figures she'll be able to infuse some much needed money into Madripoor's economy, as well as take the criminal bankers off the streets. In theory, that's all well and good, however, Tyger doesn't count on a double cross by Daken, and that's exactly what she gets, as Daken blows up one of the banker's suitcases(with an assist from one of Tyger's own men), and winds up stealing ALL of the ledgers. From there, Daken heads up to a high point in Madripoor and sets off an EMP pulse(which is what he stole during his last time in the Baxter Building), which destroys all electricity throughout Madripoor. With no electricity, the people of Madripoor begin to turn on one another, trying desperately to get their hands on what little physical currency there was left in the country. Tyger manages to piece together what Daken had done, from double crossing her with her own man, to shutting down the power, and this issue ends with Tyger meeting with Daken, with Tyger realizing that Daken had put himself in position to take complete control of Madripoor.

Thoughts: I was kind of torn about this story... On one hand, I never liked Madripoor, nor cared about Tyger(or anybody else from that little depraved hellhole). On the other hand, I've ALWAYS loved Daken... I can appreciate what Daken did here, and how the story went, with him basically shutting down Madripoor, so he could “save” it with all of the money he acquired from the bankers hidden ledgers. But with that said, I just couldn't get myself to care because it was about Madripoor... Oh well. When I feel conflicted about a comic, but didn't hate it, there's one sure score I know I can give it...

Score: 7 out of 10.Oh Daken... You so crazy!


  1. WHAAAAT!?! X doesn't like a deadpool comic? I'm shocked! Wait til JT sees this! lol.

    Well, Captain America sounded like a good issue, as did Daken. Oh by the way, is that Daken in the scan?

  2. Haha I did see it and I'm outraged, I enjoyed that issue and thought it was hilarious, but we can't always agree, then I'd be as lame as X! :D

    I'll answer for X, yep that is in fact Daken, although he doesn't always look crazy. And X, I'm letting you know I'm commandeering your intro for my Ratings and Rantings, because thats what friends do.

  3. Lol. Aww that was mean JT. X is going to get you.

    And Daken looks insane, almost Joker like. Lol, I love it.

  4. Wow, you get outraged easily, don't you, JT? :P

    Oh, and be my guest with swiping my intro. Now I'll feel less guilty if I decide to swipe most of your reviews this week, so I won't have to do 'em! :D

    And yes Lisha, I WILL get JT for that. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday... :P

  5. How DARE you say that?! This is an outrage! Lol

    Haha awesome, the swiping has commenced, maybe not today, maybe not tomorro-now!

  6. Lol, you guys are hilarious.

    As long as you get him back X, I'm all good with that! ^_^

  7. Well since I'm probably going to the comic store to get Venom #1 today, I think I'll have to pick up Deadpool #33.1 as well, so I can be the tie-breaker! Anything else I should get while I'm there, single issue-wise? Preferably something contained to a single issue or two. I can't afford to get back into making single issue purchases a regular thing again!

  8. HA! I see that you literally DID swipe that intro, JT! That made me laugh so hard...

    Oh, I WILL get him back, Lisha! You can count on that! :D

    Pfft, I don't need a tiebreaker! Everybody knows that I'm always right and JT's always wrong! :P

  9. Lol, I'll be there with popcorn!

  10. The only time I'm wrong is when I compliment YOU X! Also, lol, I told you I was gonna, and I couldn't resist. It was there and it worked SO damn well.