Monday, March 14, 2011

Look, a random scan!

Hey all, X here with some 'splaining to do... I am completely SWAMPED with homework this week(up until early next week), which is why I wasn't able to respond to any of the comments left for me yesterday. I WILL respond to those comments as soon as I'm a bit ahead of the game schoolwork-wise. With me being so backed up with my schoolwork, I wasn't able to get any reviews done either... So for today(and probably tomorrow) I'm just going to post a random scan, and leave it at that. I figure by Wednesday or Thursday things should be close to back to normal around here, but for now, we go with the scans. So that's it from me, until tomorrow, X out.CLASSIC Young Justice!!!


  1. The current Young Justice has all that and has been pretty good, except they swapped Wonder Girl for Miss Martian, Speedy is now Arsenal and actually has a purpose unlike in DC although he isn't on the team and of course there's the new Aqualad, last week's episode had Garth and whats her face, Tula.

  2. No worries, X, you gotta do what you gotta do! Good luck on all your work!

  3. Pfft, you know I could care less about that alleged Young Justice cartoon, JT! I'll continue watching my Avengers cartoon as opposed to the Chairman Johns inspired crap that the YJ cartoon seems to be.

    Thanks for wishing me luck, Marc, I need it! :/