Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Comic Day! March 2nd edition.

Another Wednesday, another New Comic Day post... I'm going to have to make this post kind of brief as I have a paper due for my Literature class and I should probably be working on that instead of this here post... But much like a junkie, I can't completely ditch my weekly NCD fix, so here we are. Let's get right into last week's books so I can quickly get into what I picked up earlier today... Last week's Pick of the Litter, Fantastic Four #588, was actually a bit of a disappointment to me, only garnering a 7 1/2 for a score. I mean it had its good parts, but I was expecting SO much more... Last week's Runt on the other hand more than surpassed my expectations for it. I wasn't expecting much from Detective Comics #874, but it impressed, getting a score of 8 1/2. In my defense though, I really didn't have my heart in picking Detective as the Runt, but I had to pick SOMETHING, and Detective wound up being it.

Okay, moving speedily along, here's the subscription books I'm expecting to receive eventually... Batman: Streets of Gotham #20, Green Lantern #63(My GOD, didn't I just suffer through this?!), Daken: Dark Wolverine #6 and X-Factor #216. With that out of the way, here's what I snagged at the comic shop earlier today. Brightest Day #21(once again, my GOD, didn't I just suffer through this!?), Freedom Fighters #7(sadly not long for this world), Secret Six #31, Avengers Academy #10, Wolverine/Hercules #1(I'm not sure why...), Deadpool #33.1, Thunderbolts #154, Wolverine: The Best There Is #4(are we really already up to issue #4?), Captain America and Falcon #1, Daken: Dark Wolverine #6 and Annihilators #1. Yeah, that's right, I have Daken #6 coming in the mail AND I picked it up today as well! I couldn't resist! I also snagged the Batman Beyond trade collecting that recent mini-series. Not a HUGE week for me, with only 11 comic shop books and 4 subscription titles, but a decent enough pull for yours truly. I'm going to grace Daken: Dark Wolverine #6 with the title of Pick of this Week's Litter, as it is one of my favorite ongoing books. As for this week's Runt, need you even ask?! It's Brightest Day #21 hands down! Just THINKING about reading that comic is getting me angry! So yeah, that's going to have to do it for me, as I REALLY need to get back to work! Thanks for stopping by, and until next time, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!I miss the good old Flash days...


  1. Haha that scan is awesome. Glad to hear ya picked up the Beyond trade as well as you picking up Daken twice... I'm wondering if that was a slip up or intentional knowing you. :P

  2. Wooo comic weeek!

    I agree the scan is awesome. Lol. Although I have no idea what comes out on a weekly basis anymore, lol, I'll be sure to peep my head around the awesome X Man's blog to see how some of these reviews hold up.

    I am definitely interested in the good ol BD rant lol. As well as the Wolvie/Herc issue. Knowing history of both those big names...I'm interested in how this will turn out.

    Happy reading x!!

  3. Glad both you guys liked the scan this week. Whenever I get the chance to post both a Wally West Flash post and an Impulse post you KNOW I'm gonna do it!

    Well I have one issue left on my Daken subscription, JT, so I figured why wait for it to arrive when I can just pick it up now? I also added Daken, Iron Man 2.0 and JLA(for now...) to my pull list this week. Oh, and I based my entire purchase of that Beyond trade on your good word on the mini since I have ZERO knowledge of the whole Batman Beyond world. So if you think there might be any background info I need before I open that bad boy up, I'm all ears.

    And that Brightest Day rant will be coming along sooner then you might believe, Lisha!

  4. Definitely looking forward to the reviews of Brightest Day and Green Lantern! Those made my day the last time around.

    And yeah, it seems like you JUST reviewed the second issue of Wolverine: The Best There Is...your review of #3 must have slipped by me somehow! Either way, that series seems to be coming out really quickly.

  5. EXACTLY! I couldn't remember reading Wolvie: The Best There Is #3, and after reading the summary page I honestly don't think I did! I must have missed that one at the comic shop when it came out... Vexing... Yeah, so that review is going to have to wait on the back burner until I manage to grab #3 of that series.