Saturday, March 5, 2011

10 Thoughts on... Y: The Last Man Vol. 1

Here we go with try number two of this “10 Thoughts on...” deal. Let's see if it comes out any better than my first shot at it...

Y: The Last Man, Book 1: Unmanned.. Collecting: Y: The Last Man #1-5

-This comic gets started with every single creature with a Y chromosome on the Earth suddenly vomiting up blood and dying... Well every creature with the exception of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

-Throughout this trade, we get no real clues as to what caused the massive die-off, and Yorick himself, being an amateur illusionist, believes it was the ring he picked up from a magic shop that he was intending on proposing to his girlfriend with once she returned from Australia.

-The closest thing to a clue we have about what may have happened to the men is that a secret agent from the US Government, Agent 355, had gone to Jordan to spirit a woman out of the country due to some sort of ancient necklace the woman was wearing. The woman refuses to leave, explaining that her father had warned her that a catastrophe would occur if the amulet left Jordan. Some terrorists who wanted the amulet wind up killing the woman, and 355 kills the terrorists, taking the amulet with her. Soon after leaving Jordanian airspace, all the men perish.

-Two months after the death of all the men, Yorick(obviously very covered up) and Ampersand make their way to Washington DC in search of his mother, who was a congresswoman from Ohio. Yorick finds his mom, who is overjoyed that he survived, but wants Yorick to hide, since in the two months since the great die-off, several dangerous groups of women have popped up.Hi mom!

-Yorick's mother tricks him into entering a safe room hidden under the White House after an attack by a bunch of crazy Republicans. Since the majority of women left in the government were Democrats, the wives of the dead Republican Representatives decide that they deserved the jobs of their late husbands.It's funny 'cause it's true!

-Agent 355 winds up locating the Secretary of Agriculture and explains to her that with the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, etc. dead, she was now the acting president and had to head to Washington.

-355 and the new president show up at the White House just in time to see the crazy Republicans and the few female Representatives and secret service agents having a stand-off on the lawn. The new president(being a rare non-crazy Republican) manages to convince the crazy Republicans to leave for now, just as Yorick breaks out of the safe room and heads outside.

-Yorick wants to head to Australia to find his girlfriend, but the new president tasks 355 with escorting Yorick to Boston where there was a female geneticist who was extremely knowledgeable in the area of cloning and genetics, with the hope being the geneticist could clone/figure out why Yorick and his monkey were still alive.

-Yorick and 355 manage to locate the geneticist in Boston, Dr. Mann, but Mann is unable to do any experiments on Yorick because her lab was mysteriously burnt down. Mann explains she had a back-up lab in California, meaning the trio would have to sneak out to the west coast, keeping Yorick safe from harm during the trip.

-Besides all of that, we also learn that the new leading military force in the world is Israel, since they actually had female soldiers who had seen military action, something much of the rest of the world couldn't also lay claim to. The Israelis go about conquering several Middle Eastern nations around them as they begin to throw around their newfound world power status. Another pending threat is the Daughters of the Amazons, a bunch of women who had fallen into a cult that felt that all men deserved to die since men suck. These women have cut off one of their breasts like the mythical Amazons of old and have amongst their ranks Yorick's sister, Hero. Needless to say the rumors that one man had survived the great die-off was of great interest of them, since they felt it was their duty to rid Mother Earth of ALL men.

Score: 9 out of 10. This first trade was more intriguing than great to me. The story was extremely engaging, and the mystery of what happened to the men was great, even though it didn't take center stage during the second half of this trade. Yorick is an easy character to like, as are 355 and even Dr. Mann. They have their own distinctive personalities, and each bring something different to the table. Who knew a world run by women would be turn out so sucky?! I always figured all of the world's troubles stemmed from the men!


  1. I'm really glad you liked this trade, X! Y: The Last Man is my favorite series that I've read in its entirety. I love that it keeps the characters at the forefront rather than simply being about what caused the plague, and that it manages to do so for the whole series. That's not necessarily to say there aren't answers about the plague eventually, but the character stuff, as you'll see, is always what's most important. Looking forward to your thoughts on the second trade!

  2. I skipped this because I'm getting the first trade this upcoming week along with more Invincible trades, but I'll be back one day, or I'll just talk you up about it.

  3. I actually finished a review for vol. 2, Marc, and I enjoyed that trade WAY more than this one(which is really saying something since this trade got a 9!)! I've noticed that once I start reading one of these books, I can't put them down! I mean, I've read the first three trades now, and I literally read the third trade in one sitting, it was THAT good! I'm kind of afraid to start the forth trade, because I know once I start reading it, I won't be able to stop! :P

    Cool, JT. I'm sure I'll have a post up about Wolverine or something and you'll start talking about this trade there. I await your thoughts!

  4. Well, I think I have more reason to get this. I remember reading something on this a while back and found myself interested in it, but got caught up in other comic trades, lol. BUT, since JT Will be picking this up I guess I'll just have to borrow his copy. Lol.

    The collection I will have to read when I have free time after graduation. I look forward to the many summer nights of reading comics.

  5. That works out perfect for you, Lisha! Once JT gets his copy, you should DEMAND that he lends it to you! :D

    Now that sounds like a great summer plan!

  6. Lol, that's the great thing about knowing someone who reads comics you're close with. You can always switch off and read each others things.

    Lol, I think I'll demand he lets me read it when he gets home from work lol.

    I hope it's a summer plan I can stick with X. Lol.

  7. Summer isn't that far away! We're almost there, guys!! :D

    And X, I know what you mean about reading these trades in one sitting, because I'm the same way. And I almost never finish trades in one sitting, even if they're really good! It's the same way for BKV's series Ex Machina, which you should definitely read once you're finished with Y. I actually once read THREE trades of Ex Machina in one sitting!!

  8. I'm glad you gave this series a chance X. As I've told Marc plenty of times, I think the first issue has some of the best pacing I've ever seen in a comic book.

    I've yet to read past the second volume (that's a long story involving eBay...) but I fully intend on finishing the run. I liked the first two volumes so much I went to wikipedia and spoiled the ending, because I couldn't take it anymore. I DON"T recommend doing that.

    By the way, I love this new format. Are you gonna try out Ex Machina too?

  9. HA! That's actually how I got these trades, Lisha. Y and Fables are actually my sister's books, so yeah, that worked out quite well for me! :D That's the summer plan we should ALL stick with!

    Yeah Marc, after I went through the entire third trade in one night I decided to switch over to Fables before I finished Y too quickly! I easily could have seen myself go through that entire series in one night! As for Ex Machina, I'm not sure... From what I've heard about it it tends to deal with 9/11, which is something I NEVER want to read about in my comics...

    Well now I'm kind of curious about this eBay story, Kello! Is it something we should all be aware of?!?

  10. Yeah definitely don't be like Kello and spoil the ending! I still give him crap about that, and the best part is that he knows he deserves it. :)

    Ex Machina does deal with 9/11, but it's the most well-crafted, fully-developed response to that day that I've ever seen in a work of fiction. More than just talking about the event itself, it addresses the ways we've changed as a culture and as a people as a result, and BKV's viewpoint on those issues is really interesting to see.

  11. I can't believe Kello spoiled the ending on himself... *shakes head in disbelief*

    Hmm... I don't know. I honestly don't think I'm ready to face that again. I grew up down in Queens, and that day is just something I'd rather not think about, that whole week is still burned into my psyche. I usually read comics for some escapism fun, not to dredge up awful memories...

  12. And here we are. At work I read this, Vol. 2 (comment coming for that) and a few other things. Got paid to read comics baby! Anyway I REALLY enjoyed this comic, and the second trade and plan on picking up 4-6 this Saturday along with more Invincible since I'm up to book five on that.

    Btw he proposed to his girlfriend on the phone, he was gonna MARRY her when she got back from Australia, if she said yes that is. :P

  13. HA! You're gonna be spending a LOT of money on trades my friend! They're gonna start calling you X Jr, JT! :D

    I'm not a frigging play-by-play guy! So I mess up every now and then! Sue me! :P

  14. Haha, X-Jr? I prefer JT, The Magnificent or something of that nature. But hey, to each his own.

    CLEARLY. You're the Michael Cole of blogging, and I'm Good Ol JR. Boomer Sooner X, Boomer Sooner.

  15. Hey, you should consider being called X Jr. a HUGE compliment! I mean that's as close to perfection as you'll ever get! :P

    "CLEARLY" HA!!!!!! Screw you, Bucko! :D

  16. Lol I'll stay being non-perfect with my paying job and hot girlfriend. :P I couldn't resist X, you set em up and I knock em down!

    Lol once again, see above. :P

  17. Oh yeah, well I have... um, good looks, genius level intellect and... um... good looks... :/

    Ass. :P

  18. Lol you have NO looks as far as we know. I mean you're all mysteriously unseen. You could look like Deadpool for all we know. :P

    You know how I DO! :D

  19. Yes, I COULD look like Deadpool, or I could look like... um, Steve Rogers. So there!

    I don't even know what that second paragraph meant... Strange...

  20. OR you could look like Black Mask, then again you could look like Hatter, explaining your hate for him and your love of "Good Hat."

    Lol I was agreeing on me being an ass... :P

  21. Well, I DO enjoy the occasional good hat......... :/ Maybe I shouldn't have said that...

    Oh cool then. We're both in agreement! :P

  22. Lol well that's you, the Hat Lover! Not the Cat Lover, not the Rat Lover, but the HAT LOVER! :P

    Lol yep, I am an ass, so whats that make YOU?

  23. HA!!!!! I WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THAT MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm putting my foot down on that one! :D

    If you're the ass, I believe that makes me the king. :)

  24. Lmao but it RHYMES!!!! Three's company toooooooooooooooooooooooo. And Rhyming is the best kind of "ing" that's not sex related. :P I couldn't resist.

    Yep, the king of Asses, or King of Assholes?

  25. Rhyming or not, I am NOT getting placed in that company!

    No, simply King of Comics. Or King of the World... That works too. Since you're already the Ass, I'd be fine with you being the King of Asses. :P

  26. Lol what a spoilsport :P

    I actually have no quip to reply with so instead I'll tell you I earned that X Jr. name today by buying vol. 6-13 of Invincible and Vol.4-10 of Y dropping 240 bucks.... yeah. I make myself relax by reminding myself people spend that much on books for a semester of college and never touch them again.

  27. See, that's the type of thing that makes me, and your local comic book store happy. You might have spent some major coin, but hey, you know you're gonna enjoy what you picked up! The last time I spent that kind of money on comics I brought like 20-25 trades, most of which I STILL haven't read! So I relieve you of the title King of Asses, and install you as X Jr, the Prince of Comics! Wear your new title with pride my prince! :D

  28. Lmao.... I'm over here dying. I shall wear the title of X Jr., Prince of Comics with pride, my liege.

    Oh, not related but Rock recently said he'd be willing to wrestle again. Hopefully we see Rock vs. Cena at SS?

    And here's a quote from Jericho "I watched Raw on Monday and felt like I was having an out of body experience. I was watching myself on live TV! Then I realized I hadn’t gotten that ugly and become that bad of a wrestler and realized I was actually watching the current WWE Champion, The Miz."

  29. "I shall wear the title of X Jr., Prince of Comics with pride, my liege." As you should, JT. As you should.

    Huh, what happened to, "I'm retired and won't ever wrestle again"?! I mean didn't Rock say that like 3 months ago tops? I guess being around the business and being in front of the crowds has reawakened The Rock from Dwayne Johnson.

    HA! That's a nice backhanded little compliment there!

  30. Lol, I hate you sometimes X.

    Yeah that's gotta be it. Apparently in the newest WWE Mag he says he never sold his ear cause he knew he'd need it one day and when they asked if he'd be wrestling again he basically said never say never.

    Lol gotta love Jericho. I can see it now, Skull-Crushing Finale vs. The Salad Shooter!

  31. No you don't. :P

    You know, it took me a good 30 seconds to figure out what you meant there... I was like, "When the HELL did Rock sell his EAR?!?" Then I realized that you probably meant "gear" Or at least I hope that's what you meant... :P

    The Salad Shooter wins every single time, hands down!

  32. Yep, with the intensity of a thousand suns and whatnot. :p

    Lol, yes I meant gear, damn typos. Haha, he always knew he'd need that trusty ear of his.

    Haha what about against the Suplex/Camel Clunch/Humbler trio?

  33. Wow, that's some kind of POWERFUL hatred!

    HA!!!!!! Now THAT'S good hat! :P See, I always said Rock was smart. He KNEW not to sell that ear of his. If you ask me, that was a very wise decision.

    Oooo, good question! The Salad Shooter is insanely awesome, but I don't know, I think I'd rather take the Salad Shooter as opposed to a good humbling... Yeah, I'll have to side with Shiekie Baby on that argument. (BTW, I LOVE that you corrected the last comment before I mentioned it!)

  34. Lol the best hatred is the hatred that comes from within. :P

    Haha definitely. Man, imagine how much someone would PAY for Rock's gear or ear on eBay, haha.

    Haha I couldn't let ya, you already caught me with ear. And besides we are both sons born to mothers or whatever like Tiger Woods, The Michael Jackson and Sheiky Baby,

  35. And is sent without... :/

    Yeah, he could make a pretty penny for that... Then again, who WOULD sell their gear? I mean why would you? And to who??

    HA!!!!! @ "The Michael Jackson" Why is he "THE" Michael Jackson?!? Ah Shiekie Baby... You crazy bastard you...

    It's time. It's time... It's Comic Book Reading Time!!!! First up for me, Spidey! Here's hoping it's as awesome as it sounds!

  36. Exactamundo!

    PLENTY of people sell their gear on eBay. Mainly divas but I've seen wrestlers sell stuff on ebay, people collect weird shit haha.

    Lol he's THE Michael Jackson, so you can tell him apart from all these other Michael Jackson's I guess...

    Good luck buddy, here's hoping it gets a 8 or higher!

  37. Huh... I mean what exactly would you do with some gear that you brought? Nail it to the wall or something? Stand it in the corner? Wear it?!

    Well in that case I should be THE X, to seperate me from all those other X's.

    It did! I should have it posted by the end of today.

  38. Dude.... who knows lol. Same thing people do with signed comics I guess, wait for it to appreciate in value then sell it to some idjit....

    Nah, you can either be X or X-Rated, and I think we'd all prefer the former over the latter. :P

    Awesome! Glad ya enjoyed it as much as I did.

  39. That's so weird... I mean I don't think of wrestling gear as something that's gonna really appreciate in value... Comics, cards, stamps, coins, sure. Wrestling gear? Probably not...

    Sorry, I still like THE X. Although X-Rated has a nice ring to it...

  40. Maybe when someone dies? I could see someone trying to buy Eddie's boots or something. I saw some idiot on eBay trying to sell a jar of John Cena's breath.... lmao.... I'm DEAD serious too.

    No, no it doesn't X. Lol stay FAR away from X-Rated.

  41. HA!!!!!! Please tell me nobody bid on that... And how the hell could you even authenticate that? Take a picture of Cena breathing into a jar? Plus I can't help but laugh at the thought of somebody stopping Cena at like an airport and being like, "Hey, I'm a HUGE fan! Can you PLEASE breathe into this jar for me!?!"

    Why not? I might just become X-Rated for a day or two. THAT would be an interesting experience for EVERYONE!!!

  42. Lmao, it was just a pic of a jar, and it was starting at like 10,000 dollars so I'm sure no one bidded on it. lmao

    Lol that would be so awkward.. let me know when that starts so I can be FAR away.

  43. HA!!! Just an empty jar? It should have had a label on it like, "John Cena's Minty Breath" or something totally dumb like that. *shrugs* I can't even figure out why somebody would do that... I guess hoping somebody would be SO crazy/dumb that they'd plunk down the $10,000...

    Nope, X-Rated day will just suddenly pop up when you least expect it... :/

  44. Lol @ John Cena's minty breath. Like he brushes his teeth every morning then blows into a jar to preserve the freshness.

    :| I dread the day I show up and you're doing sultry audio reviews of Gotham City Sirens...