Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Thoughts On... Invincible Vol. 13.

Guess what??? It's time for me to unleash a BRAND NEW feature here at Ye Olde Blog! One thing I've always had problems writing was reviews for trades/multiple issues of something. I mean I CAN do it, but it always takes a REALLY long time, and the review is oftentimes unbearably long(for example, I once did an almost 3,000 word, four page long post on the JLA/Avengers mini-series!). So how do we rectify that? Well, not that long ago, JT mentioned to me that people like lists... Don't ask me how THAT conversation got started, but it did. That revelation(whenever JT tells me something it's a revelation) got me to thinking, why not do trade reviews but FORCE yourself to stick to a set number of points? I mean when I was at my laziest I used to do bullet point reviews, so what's stopping me from doing a set number of points to talk about a mini-series, trade, or even a plain, old back issue? Nothing! So with those thoughts prancing around my head, “10 Thoughts on...” was born. Damn do I SUCK at thinking up titles... Anyway, consider this post a test run. If it comes across relatively well I'll probably do a whole series of these types of posts. If it sucks, blame JT. Oh, and in closing, any similarities between this post and JT's “What I Learned From” posts is purely coincidental... *ahem* With all of that out of the way, let's get to the post!

Invincible Volume Thirteen: Growing Pains. Collecting Invincible #66-70 as well as Invincible Returns #1.

-There seem to be less than 50 Viltrumites left running around the universe, making their hold on their empire tenuous at best.

-It's REALLY weird to me that Omni-Man is flying through space wearing nothing on his feet... I mean what is that all about? Allen the Alien is wearing strange little metal foot things, why isn't Nolan wearing... I don't know, anything?!

-So Nolan and Allen have managed to gather a bunch of people/weapons to strike at the Viltrumites, in the upcoming “Viltrumite War” storyline. The only thing left to do is pick up Invincible from Earth...

-I guess Atom Eve and Invincible should have used some protection... The potential child of Atom Eve and Invincible has SO much potential it's mind-boggling. I mean Robert Kirkman can take that angle in so many different directions.Whoops!

-God help me but I really like the Sequids! I don't know what it is about the little body-snatching devils, but I really enjoy them! That's why I was so bummed to see them completely and totally defeated...Those poor Sequids...

-I'd SO buy and read a Cecil Stedman series! He out Nick Fury's Nick Fury! Oddly enough, I find myself siding with Cecil for the most part throughout this series. Even when he does things that I KNOW should bother me, I still tend to see his points. I mean why shouldn't he use D.A. Sinclair and his Reanimen to make the world a safer place? Plus that scar on his face is badass.

-I'm also glad Kirkman seems like he's ready to pull Invincible away from the brink and have him stop killing everything! I mean I get that Kid Omni-Man is quite brilliant, but should Invincible really be taking super-hero advice from his kid brother?

-The Universa stuff wasn't that bad at all, but why does it always seem Invincible is being battered by pretty much EVERYBODY he fights? I mean is he really the guy you want to bring into a battle with foes as fearsome as the Viltrumites?Once again, not very invincible.

-I don't know about anybody else, but I'm going to miss the all black and blue Invincible costume. It's not like the yellow, blue and black costume was bad or anything, but I thought the black and blue variant was pretty snazzy. Yes, snazzy!

-Things come to a close here with Nolan and Allen finally arriving on Earth to pick up Invincible so he can go to war against the Viltrumites... So much for the whole, “No more killing” edict, huh? I was a bit disappointed that Atom Eve didn't tell Invincible that she was pregnant, although I can fully understand her keeping the information to herself considering the fact that her boyfriend was going off to fight in an intergalactic war. With this trade out of the way I'm ALMOST caught up on the Invincible series, meaning I can FINALLY do regular reviews for them! Hooray!

Score: 9 out of 10. I can honestly say I've enjoyed every Invincible comic I've read thus far... That's a real rarity for me! I mean every issue/storyline has been good to great. I can't think of one instance where I could point at something and say, “Well that sucked!” If I was wearing a hat right now I'd take it off for Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley. But I'm not, so I can't. But I would.


  1. I'm glad I could help inspire the 10 Thoughts on idea, and I think it'll work out pretty damn well. I couldn't read this review, having just read the first volume of Invincible but I'll be back eventually :P I say keep up the 10 Thoughts posts though, and keep namedropping me as well :P

  2. I also sort of skimmed the review since I'm not this far into the series yet, but I like the idea of this kind of post and definitely think you should keep doing them!

  3. Well done and done then! I actually just finished up a Y: The Last Man 10 Thoughts, so maybe I'll post that sometime this week. Thanks gents.

  4. I didn't even know you were reading Y. Now there's a book I could comment on!

  5. Sweet! I actually finished typing up the first trade "review"(and I use that term lightly!) for the first Y trade and finished reading the second trade two nights ago. I'll try to post the first trade's 10 Thoughts sometime over the weekend.

  6. Oh haha, I thought you meant you'd finished the tenth (and final) trade! I guess you meant the first ten issues though. Well that's cool, because now we'll have more chances to talk about it!

  7. As of right now, I've finished off three Y trades, and have posts about the first two trades just about ready to go up.

  8. And... done. All caught up on Invincible besides the misc. issues not collected that I'll pick up tomorrow. I really REALLY enjoyed this series, and I like that the Blue and Black suit is kinda his Black Spider-Man suit in a way that has all his dark deeds. I like both suits though and was happy to see this one return. All in all, I'm loving the fact Eve is preggers and Oliver growing up, probably cause he wants to date his teacher. I bet thats why he wants to be an adult so bad.

  9. Ah, so did you pick up the newest issue of Invincible at the cb shop today? I did, but I still have about 5 or 6 back issues to read before I'm caught up.

  10. Yessir I did, and read 70-77 already, God I love this series. Very curious how their gonna handle the Atom Eve being pregnant thing.