Monday, December 1, 2008

Nightwing #115

Overall- Dick meets with Sophia and tells her that he wants her to take her father's place as the leader of her father's mafia family. Sophia agrees to do it, because she is enamoured by Nightwing. Sophia leaves Deathstroke's hideout, and meets with some members of her father's crime family. The mobsters are shocked and angered by Sophia's announcement that she was now the head of the family, but ultimately, the mobsters agree to listen to Sophia.

Meanwhile, Deathstroke and Ravager plot against Dick in a secret laboratory underneath Deathstroke's lair. Deathstroke gives Ravager vague instructions on meeting with somebody. Deathstroke implores Ravager not to tell Nightwing anything about the meeting, and to make sure that Nightwing is wearing a certain glove during the meeting. What's Deathstroke up to here?

Dick and Ravager leave and meet up with Superman of all people. Dick tells Superman that he is evil now, and that Superman should get lost. Superman seems genuinely upset, which surprises Dick, because he figures that Superman should know that he was lying, since Superman can hear Dick's heartbeat. Superman goes to attack Dick, after asking Dick why he was recording the conversation which confuses Dick, but Ravager takes off her mask and eye patch, revealing a Kryptonite eye in the place of her missing eye. Ravager knocks Superman off the rooftop they were on, but falls off with him. Dick dives off to save them, but can't stop Superman from smashing into some propane tanks, causing a large explosion. Superman, even though he is weakened due to the Kryptonite, tells Dick to leave with Ravager while he tries to put out the fire the explosion caused. Ravager wants to finish off Superman, but Dick holds her back, telling her that Superman could have attacked them, but didn't, instead choosing to help people. Ravager agrees with Dick, and the 2 head back to Deathstroke. It looks like Dick's good influence is starting to rub off on Ravager. Deathstroke's not going to like that...

Dick tells Deathstroke that he figured out that the glove he was wearing was altering his heartbeat, which was why Superman tried to attack him. Dick also tells Deathstroke that he left the glove with Superman. Deathstroke finally has enough of Dick and decides to kill him. Before Deathstroke can carry out the act, Dick tells Deathstroke that they both know that Deathstroke wouldn't be able to kill Dick. Dick also mentions that Deathstroke should tell Ravager about Kryptonite poisoning. Ravager asks what that means, and Dick tells Deathstroke that he'll leave Deathstroke and Ravager alone if Deathstroke promises to keep all super powered criminals out of Bludhaven. Deathstroke asks what exactly Dick was trying to accomplish, and Dick tells Deathstroke that he wants to keep Bludhaven safe. Dick then finally tells Deathstroke what his master plan is! Well finally!!! Dick intends to keep super heroes out of Bludhaven, and leave the streets to the people of Bludhaven. Dick figures that since he cleaned up the police department, and now has Sophia as the head of one of the crime families, Bludhaven should be a much safer place, provided no super villains or heroes entered the 'Haven. Deathstroke angrily agrees to keep super villains out of Bludhaven, as long as Dick left Deathstroke and his daughter alone. Dick agrees and leaves returning to Bludhaven.

You know what? I really liked this comic! I was so glad that Dick's plan was finally revealed. It took forever for the plan to come out, but I actually liked Dick's plan and his motivation behind it. Dick cleaned out the police department, had Sophia in a position of power in the mafia, and had plans to keep the super heroes and villains out of Bludhaven. If everything would have worked out like Dick planned, things in Bludhaven would have looked pretty good. Unfortunately, things didn't work out like Dick planned, as we see in the next issue. For this comic, I'd give a score of 7 1/2 out of 10.

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