Monday, December 22, 2008

Hank Pym and Ultron-12 (part 5)

This was Pym's reaction to the "death" of his "son", Ultron Mark 12.
So, Pym has been divorced by his wife, disgraced himself in front of his Avenger teammates, and lost his "son", the formerly homicidal robot, Ultron Mark 12. What does he decide to do after all of this happens to him? Commit suicide of course! The best part is how logical he makes the whole thing seem. Boy, what a great lesson for all the kids out there! When the going gets tough, kill yourself!
Pym comes close to doing the deed, but in the end, he decides not to pull the trigger(mainly thanks to the intervention of Firebird). Now, I know that I shouldn't have been laughing throughout the entire redemption/death of Ultron Mark 12, but I just couldn't help myself! Some of the dialogue, especially between Pym and his "son", is just so ridiculous, it's actually funny! These scans are just another reason I get such a kick out of Hank Pym. The guy is easily one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe, but mentally Pym is a basket case! Oh well, hopefully someone out there will have a sense of humor as warped as I do and find some of these scans entertaining.

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