Monday, December 1, 2008

Nightwing #114

Overall- This issue continues to see Dick training Ravager. Dick, even after being threatened last issue, is still training Ravager contrary to the way Deathstroke wanted him to. Dick takes Ravager to a fancy dance Lex Luthor was attending. Dick tells Ravager that eventually the Secret Society would turn on her father so it was in her best interest to learn as much as she could about how her father's eventual enemies operate. Ravager doesn't like the idea, but agrees to follow his lead, because she, like practically every female in Dick's comic is smitten with him.

Dick decides to try to screw up some of Lex Luthor's plans, and attacks a shipment of the steroid Venom that Lex was having shipped in. While attacking the ship's goons with Ravager, Dick runs into Roy Harper, Dick's longtime teammate. Roy helps Dick and Ravager take down the goons, but is attacked by Dick, who knocks Roy out before escaping with Ravager and the steroid's.

Dick returns to Deathstroke with Ravager and the steroids, and tells Deathstroke what he did. Deathstroke is angered by Dick's antics, and tells him that he should stop disobeying the orders Deathstroke was giving Dick. Ravager sticks up for Dick, which seems to annoy Deathstroke some more. The issue ends with Dick slipping Sophia a note, saying he wants to meet with her privately in the middle of the night.

Once again, I liked this comic book, which is a bit of a surprise to me. It seems that Devin Grayson's writing is actually starting to grow on me, which is funny, because she only writes the series for about 3 more issues! For a score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10. It seems that Dick's plans are FINALLY being revealed. It took about 8 issues, but hey, better late then never right?

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