Monday, December 1, 2008

Nightwing #116

Overall- This comic takes place after the events in the Infinite Crisis crossover. Bludhaven has been devastated by a Chemo bomb, and Nightwing is travelling around the decimated city looking for some signs of life. As Dick swings through the destroyed streets, Superman flies over and implores Dick to get out of the city, telling him that the radiation is at such a high level that even Superman himself can feel the radiation. Dick thanks Superman for his concern, but tells Supes that he has to stay in Bludhaven to try to find his friends. Superman tells Dick that if he stays in Bludhaven he'll surely die. Dick ignores Superman's advice, and continues to travel through Bludhaven.

Dick comes across some cops who are trying to move some people out of town, and Dick stops to advise the cops the best way to escape the burning city. Eventually, Dick comes across Sophia, who has passed out from the radiation. Dick picks her up and carries her into the streets. As Dick is trying to take Sophia to safety, he spots another group of familiar faces, Capt. Amy and her family. Dick rushes over and gives Sophia over to Amy's husband. Dick gets ready to take off, and when asked by Amy where he thought he was going, Dick tells her to save Blockbuster's lawyer. You see now, that's the Dick Grayson I remember fondly from the early issues of this series! Dick makes sure Amy and company are on their way before travelling to the lawyer's high rise apartment building.

The apartment building is in terrible shape as Dick enters and begins to make his way to the top suite's where the lawyer would be located. Unfortunately for Dick, the building begins to shift, and Dick winds up trapped under a bunch of debris. As Dick begins to lose consciousness, from the radiation and pain, we see the Batman walking down the hallway to save his one time sidekick.

Well, where the hell was this Devin Grayson for most of her run as Nightwing's writer! This was a great comic book, that showed Dick as the hero he used to be before Devin destroyed so much of his character with the nonsense with Blockbuster and Tarantula. I wish Devin would have taken this route when she took over the Nightwing writing chores 50 some odd issues ago! For a score, I'd happily go with a 9 out of 10.

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