Sunday, May 15, 2011

FF #3 & Amazing Spider-Man #660

The two reviews posted here both revolve around the FF... How's that for convenient? It's almost as if I planned on reading and reviewing these comics at the same time...

FF #3:

Summary: This issue begins with the various members of the FF heading out into the world to hand out invitations to their various enemies... Yes, really. It seems that Dr. Doom was calling in the FF's smarter enemies(Roll call! The High Evolutionary, Diablo, The Mad Thinker & The Wizard) and asking them to join him at the Baxter Building to figure out a way to finally defeat Reed... Yes, really. Not suspecting a trap(because these villains are obviously not as smart as they're supposed to be), all of the villains show up and meet with Doom, Reed and Reed's daughter, Valeria, who put all of this into motion. It turns out that Valeria used the portal in Reed's lab to go to the Council of Reed Richards's's's, just as it was being destroyed by the Celestials a few months back. Four alternate Reed's follow Valeria back to the Baxter Building and decide to start a war between those four cities Jonathan Hickman introduced back in the Fantastic Four series for what I'm sure will be some nefarious reason. The Reed's visit the four worlds and manage to convince three of them(Old Atlantis, the Forever City & the Negative Zone) to assist them, while the forth Reed fails to convince the Universal Inhumans due to Centauri telepathy and Dire Wraith... um, tongue-pathy. This issue ends with the three remaining evil Reed's wondering whatever became of Reed #4, but agreeing that he wasn't needed to carry out their agenda.

Thoughts: You know, as I started reading this comic, I figured I was going to hate it... I mean REALLY hate it. Think about it, this issue starts with the FF members heading to the lairs of 3 of their worst enemies(and the High Evolutionary) to hand out invitations to the Baxter Building. That made me start thinking, “If the FF KNOWS where the Wizard(or Thinker or Diablo) is holed up, why the HELL haven't they dropped the hammer on him yet?!?” That just makes no sense. Luckily, that gets glossed over quickly, and the rest of this comic finally tells us why Valeria made that deal with Doom all those months back, not to defeat her father, but to defeat the renegade Reed's. If you can overlook the stupidity of those first few pages, this was a very good comic that starts setting the stage for what I'm expecting will be a HUGE battle between the renegade Reed's and the FF.

Score: 8 out of 10.Of all the ways to go, having an alien stick it's tongue through my skull would probably rank right near the bottom of the list...

Amazing Spider-Man #660:

Summary: The FF and Secret Six continue their battle from last issue until the Invisible Woman realizes that they were actually only battling the illusion creating Mysterio and Chameleon. Valeria, being smarter than EVERYBODY, goes a step further and realizes that all of Mysterio's henchmen were robots. The FF cut loose on the robots and make quick work of them, while Mysterio and Chameleon manage to escape. It turns out that Dr. Octopus created this entire charade in order to get the FF out of the Baxter Building, so he could break in with the other members of the Secret Six. Octopus manages to steal something from the Baxter Building and escapes before the FF and their kids return. This issue ends with Spidey heading home and meting up with his distraught girlfriend. She asks where he had been, and Spidey makes up a lie that convinces her, at which point they make out.

Thoughts: Meh. That's pretty much all I have to say about this one... The story was okay, but nothing more. It wasn't actively bad, so I really can't complain about it, but it was a BIG step down from the quality of stories that this series had been telling before the FF stuff. Oh well. I'm definitely looking forward to next issue, which is written by Christos Gage and guest stars the Avengers Academy characters.

Score: 7 out of 10.What can I say? I'm a sucker for those full page pictures.


  1. i read several reviews of FF#3 yesterday and this one by far was the best thank you. your sarcastic witty writing style is similar to mine. the only real difference is that i tend to drop the F bomb more often as you've seen by now i'm sure. the worst way to die is a toss up between getting a barbed tongue stuck in your head or having something burst out of your chest. the whole renegade Reed Richards from other dimensions concept is really cool it kinda reminds me of a show i used to watch called "Sliders". you won't mind me linking this posting to my ROM blog i hope?

  2. Thanks a lot for the compliment, Dave. It's much appreciated. I'd be more than pleased if you'd link this post to your blog.

    Ah yes... The old, "Exploding alien from the chest" death... That one would definitely rank REALLY high on the list too... At least with the Wraith's you'd die(relatively) fast. I don't want to sit there and watch some damned alien crawl around the room connected to my intestines before I croak! :P

  3. actually there are some wasps who implant their eggs in caterpillars that pretty much do that when they grow big enough to "emerge". $%^&#& nasty! you can see where concepts like The Brood and Aliens come from. so anyways, your FF#3 review is also cool because it's the first that doesn't show the same old clip art from the issue like everyone else is not too mention how even in the editorial you talk about the 4th Reed getting jacked up. i'm not just saying that as a ROM fan but also as someone who likes to see variety out there. today's posting on the ROM blog has the link on it and i hope it brings you some new viewers to your blog Nate (i'm just gonna call you Nate from now on ok?). i wish you'd stuck it out with Hero for Hire a bit longer. the Puppet Master stuff is thankfully now in the rear view mirror and i'm enjoying the book more. i would have liked to have seen what your review of it might have been like. never the less i'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say about Annihilators #4.
    . . . I'll be back.