Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #659 & Venom #2

Amazing Spider-Man #659:

Summary: Spidey and his FF teammates head to an island in the Caribbean that was giving off strange readings. After some searching, the heroes find villagers talking about crazed creatures attacking them nightly, at which time the heroes spot an ominous mountain shaped like a skull. The heroes figure that's probably a pretty good spot to begin their hunt for these creatures, and head towards it. In the meantime, Valeria and Franklin(Reed and Sue's children) gather a few other members of the(Ugh) Future Foundation and decide to teleport to the same island to help their parents with the investigation. The FFers come across a cavern full of zombie pirates and a huge portal, and are immediately attacked. During the battle, the kids arrive and state that the whole set-up looked like a scene from Scooby Doo, which leads Spidey into realizing that it all seemed off, at which time we learn that Mysterio was behind the zombie pirates(they were his illusions), along with the Chameleon. Now revealed, the villains explain that they weren't working alone, and Dr. Octopus and the rest of the Sinister Six arrive on the scene, ending this one.

Thoughts: Meh. I don't really like the FF kids, so them showing up here(and naturally figuring out what was REALLY happening) tended to annoy me. The story itself never really clicked for me either. I mean it wasn't horrible or anything, but I just never really got into it. That's probably more on me than this comic, but still. One more part to this FF stuff, and then hopefully we go back to Spidey at his best, a sarcastic, whiny loner.

Score: 7 out of 10.Scooby Doo indeed...

Venom #2:

Summary: This issue gets started with Venom being assaulted by Kraven the Hunter(who I really wish was still dead...). Kraven manages to get the upper hand on Venom with his combination of drugs and spears, and Venom runs away before passing out. Venom wakes up a bit later and realizes that his mission had nothing to do with Kraven, but that he had actually been ordered to shut down an illegal Vibranium processing plant. Venom begins to leave before his conscience gets the better of him and he realizes that if he leaves Kraven out there, he'd simply run around killing others. With that, Venom goes searching for Kraven and soon finds the crazed Hunter. The two have a big battle, which ends when they enter a cave filled with giant bats. The bats wake up, screaming loud enough to cause the symbiote to abandon Flash Thompson, before grabbing Kraven and Flash and flying high into the air. Flash manages to shoot the bat carrying him in the head, causing it to drop him, while the other bat carried Kraven out of sight. With no way of getting around, Flash appears stuck, until the symbiote crawls over and bonds with him, telling him that they both needed each other. This issue ends with Jack O' Lantern's shadow clad leader catching a glimpse of the Venom-less Flash, and figuring out his identity. The mysterious villain then tells the deformed Jack that they could strike back at Flash.

Thoughts: I REALLY enjoyed this one. Way more than the first issue, which wasn't that bad. Granted, I don't like Kraven at all, and think he's somebody who should have remained dead(I really liked Kraven's Last Hunt, and think that it wrapped that character up perfectly), but Rick Remender did a great job with a character that I normally abhor. The impending return of Jack O' Lantern, who stole the show in the first issue, should be great, and I've got to say, I'm really looking forward to the third issue!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Wait, so Kraven is invincible now?


  1. Well, I'm glad to see Venom got such a good score. That's ANOTHER Marvel comic you and JT have convinced me to read. After watching "Spectacular Spider-Man" I found myself interested in Flash, so, here I am anxiously awaiting the next issue.

    I'm ALMOST done with invincible, got about 4 trades left, and well, I want to get into catching up on single issues. Can't wait to read Venom.

  2. I know I mentioned this to you recentky but Flash is RAPIDLY becoming my favorite man to don the Venom costume and name. I love that the Symbiote seems to like him and I don't know if that's because it has plans for him or what, but it's interesting to say the least, and for Flash whose always idolized Spidey, I can't wait to see their first interaction, especially if the symbiote tells him it's "Puny Parker."

  3. Man Lisha, maybe you should stop reading our blogs before you're spending every cent you have! :P

    JT, I've been wondering that since Flash first bonded with the symbiote... When will it spill the beans about Peter being Spidey... That's a HUGE story that could be explored down the road.

  4. Speaking od Invincible.... :P Kidding, but I'd say he's just tough, I mean that's just a tendril and I haven't really seen them wound of kill anyone unless it was one of Carnage's weapon shaped ones.

  5. But JT, didn't it go through his left side, meaning it probably struck him in the HEART! I mean, you'd have to think that sort of wound would stop MOST people! :P

  6. Lol. I would just find something other comic to spend my money on lol.

  7. Lmao, well yeah, I guess so. But at the same time I can't see Flash going for a kill shot unless he's forced like he was when he didn't have the symbiote or the symbiote Hulked out but yes, lol, that SHOULD have been in the heart and at least subdued Kraven...

  8. HA! Yeah, getting stabbed in the HEART should have probably at least slowed the dude down a tad... IDK about Flash not going for the kill shot though... Even when he had the symbiote, and woke up in the cavern, he seemed like he was prepared to kill Kraven in order to spare people from any of his future crimes, which I found pretty intriguing.

  9. I actually remembered right after I posted that Flash was a Vet so9 he'd probably kill fiddy men if he had to in order to keep civilians safe.