Friday, July 1, 2011

Wolverine: The Best There Is #7 & Incredible Hulks Annual #1

Two more Marvel comic books to get through before I switch things up and start going through the DC comics I picked up last Wednesday. As for the two Marvel comics in question? I really don't have much to say about them until I read 'em.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #7:

Summary: Having been doused with pretty much every disease possible the past few issues, it's safe to say Wolverine's healing factor is a bit taxed. On Crazy Mutie Island, Beast(who I thought left Crazy Mutie Island on bad terms with Lord Summers) is looking over Wolvie and reporting his findings back to Lord Summers and Her. They decide to lock down the lab Wolvie was in to prevent anything Wolvie was carrying from escaping before retiring to their quarters for the night. Upon waking up, Wolvie simply leaves the lab and heads to the kitchen and begins to eat everything in sight to help his healing factor out. Lord Summers, Beast and Her decide to leave Wolvie alone, so he heads into the living room and hangs out with Dazzler... Okay... The two talk for a while, and Dazzler makes Wolvie a new costume, since he didn't want to wear anything from his room. After that's done, Wolvie heads out and locates the woman who led him into the past few issues of madness, but she is promptly killed by some guy I don't know and Monark Starstalker??? Wha?!?

Thoughts: This is a strange series... When it all comes together it's really enjoyable(like the last two issues), but when it doesn't, it's as confusing as hell... This issue was more the latter. Sure, there were a few places where I laughed out loud while reading, but for the most part? Confusing as hell. Meh, maybe things will make more sense come the next issue.

Score: 5 out of 10.......

Incredible Hulks Annual #1:

Summary: This is the third part of the Identity Wars storyline that ran through this years Spider-Man and Deadpool annuals. Since I'm in a rush, I'm not gonna recap those issues, but luckily for you, I'm sure I have them posted on the blog, so it should be a simple matter to find them! We learn that alternate Bruce Banner had become the Sorcerer Supreme of his world, and had managed to banish his Hulk half to Hell. That's all fine and good, but when 616 Bruce Banner arrived in the alternate dimension, his Hulk half went to Hell, and alternate Bruce's Hulk was set free... Yes, it IS very confusing. Alternate Hulk wants to kill alternate Bruce, so alternate Bruce(at the recommendation of Spidey) casts a spell that makes Deadpool look like alternate Bruce, which causes alternate Hulk to attack Pool. With some time to think, alternate Bruce comes up with a plan to re-banish his Hulk, but needs Bruce to allow the Hulk back into his body. Realizing that alternate Hulk was way worse than his own Hulk, Bruce agrees. Alternate Bruce casts a spell, and summons the Hulk, who attacks alternate Hulk. Eventually, through some magical chicanery, alternate Bruce forces alternate Hulk back into his body, and turns back to himself. Temporarily in control, he orders the Hulk to snap his neck before alternate Hulk took control again, which he does, ending the threat of alternate Hulk. From there, Spidey discovers a note from the now dead(?) alternate Bruce, telling the trio to head to Parker Labs the next day. When the time comes, the trio head to the appointed spot and discover alternate Peter Parker, apparently returned from Hell, thanks to alternate Bruce. Alternate Peter is sorry for all the evil he committed, and helps return the trio of heroes to their proper dimension, ending this story.

Thoughts: Well, this storyline sure took a nosedive! I really enjoyed the first two parts of this story, the Deadpool and Spidey ones, but this issue just fell flat for me. For whatever reason, I just couldn't get into the Bruce Banner: Sorcerer Supreme stuff. Deadpool was more or less an afterthought here, and even Spidey didn't do all that much. I guess with this being a Hulk annual, that makes sense, but with me not exactly being a Hulk fan, it all just didn't work for me. Add a story with too many Hulks and Bruce Banners, and yeah, this comic wasn't my cup of tea.

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.It's Hulk vs Hulk! How original!


  1. i loved this issue of wolverine man
    loved it
    the diolog and banter was pricless
    the line where cyclops says right to emmas face "This is way i like X-Babies thay shut up and fallow orders'
    its really in injoke on how much of a dictator he has become and he knows it
    did u get that from there?
    one thing tho the explination ur looking for about just evreything might not come for awhile but i do thank its coming






  3. You know what, Movieartman? You're right about the dialogue. I literally laughed out loud at least twice while I was reading this one. It was funny, but man, the story was just all over the place... And Wolvie was weirdly out of character(I guess 'cause of all the crap he's been through the past few issues). But I didn't like the beginning of the first storyline either, and wound up loving it in the end, so hopefully this one will be the same.

    As always, magnificent work, Saidi... I mean damn, I don't even know where to start... Your Ultron and Onslaught were especially epic on the Marvel side, and the fact that you added Neron(who was AWESOME!) to the DC side plus what you said about Parallax,(WHICH IS 100% TRUE!!!) made the whole thing doubly awesome. Again, great work, man.

  4. & abouth the best there dialogue kills me by laughter

    "Mr wolverine, that's my father bub, wow,you're tall I always wanted to be tall!" that & Logan on the dancefloor & meeting the Marylin Manson look-alike justifies this series.
    About Neron, I always thought he should havebrought Sinestro back from hell, Since the one justified resurrection Johns did Was Sinestro.
    Now remember If resurrections make a character better later (like Jean Grey in X-Factor who developped a personnality in that series, something Claremont did not give her back in the"holy days") I am all for it! Hal already had a conclusion & did not need to be back & Sinestro Corps war could work with just Sinestro & Hank Henshaw as the main baddies vs the JLA!

    Unfortunately, these days, Johns has earned His Hack card (you have to EARN THIS!to make something horribly bad & distasteful in comics like silver age fetish or his titans) along with Austen (aside from exiles or the ultimate Gambit 2parter, he fucked up Kurt & killed Skin for shit,yeah sure a bunch of a-holes is enough to beat the entire mansion...) Bendis (THE WHOLE FUCKING AVENGERS!) Millar (too much to list...) Loeb (the Wolvie run,Ultimatum...) Morrison ( Final Crisis, Batman, New X-men as you know & I forgot last time the "genius" idea to make Polaris crazy instead of continuing the dvlpt David & DeMatteis started, or FF1234 where he originally planned to reveal Sue had incestuous thoughts towards Johnny,his career would have been torpedoed right then and there, along with whoever at Marvel allowed it to happen.)Claremont (I don't deny what he did to the franchise, but I'm more of a Nicieza/Lobdell/Simonson/PAD crowd, on the other hand, S&M fetish anyone?) Robinson (yeah I always want little girls like Lian Harper being crushed under rocks or Roy being dismembered for no reason...) & Milligan (His x-men run was trash, it was sin against 3 of my favourites Gambit Alex & Lorna,& the moment you fuck up Apocalypse & his epicness is throwing yourself in my shit list...)
    If you wanna add a hack go ahead it 's always great to compare notes
    BTW which death pissed you off in weapon X?If it's Maggot I can agree that guy was adorable & doesn't deserve the flack they throw at him


  5. Neron bringing Sinestro back as a foil for Kyle Rayner and/or the JLA would have been PERFECT! Seriously, Neron already had heat with Kyle from the GL x-over issues of Underworld Unleashed, so it would have made perfect sense to take Sinestro set him loose against Kyle as revenge.

    Jeez, your hate list is way longer than mine! :P To be honest with you, there's nothing you out there that I can really disagree with... I did enjoy parts of New X-Men, and Bendis's recent Avengers work has been WAY better than the dark ages after Disassembled until the start of the Heroic Age(like a good 5 years!). But other than that, yeah, I've never been a fan of Claremont, even the stuff he wrote during his "glory years" for the most part does nothing for me, and his recnt stuff has been downright terrible... Especially when it involves Shadowcat and Rachel! I remember being so excited for the Milligan X, especially on the heels of X-Statix, and man did it suck. I remember reading an interview somewhere where he says he bombed that run on purpose because he never wanted to write a mainstream X-book. As for Weapon X, I HATED when they killed off Chris Bradley, the kid from X-Men Unlimited and the Maverick series who wound up becoming Bolt with the New Warriors. When It was revealed that HE was the dead Maverick? I was livid! That is one of those secondary characters that I felt could have moved on to much bigger and better things...