Thursday, June 4, 2009

X-Men Legacy #218

This is part 4 of the "Original Sin" storyline and is written by Mike Carey. Once again, here is an abbreviated review.

-Wolvie and Xavier launch their attack on Shaw and Miss. Sinister's island in an attempt to rescue/find/? Wolvie's son, Daken.

-Sinister knocks Daken out and brings him to a lab in order to do something insidious to him. Since he/she is evil, I'm sure whatever he/she is planning, it's bad news... With the way Marvel is going lately, I'm guessing he/she is planning to give Daken a sex change.

-Wolvie and X approach the mansion hideout and are met by Shaw. Wolvie takes on Shaw and X heads inside to find Sinister and Daken.

-X defeats Sinister with relative ease and finds Daken(who is surprisingly still a guy!). X enters Daken's head and frees his buried memories, but gets knocked unconscious when Daken wakes up with a start.

-Sinister walks in and tries to screw with Daken's mind(probably to convince Daken he's actually a woman)but gets a bunch of claws to the gut for his/her troubles.

-Meanwhile, Wolverine defeats Shaw by shutting off the lights... Apparently Shaw is deathly afraid of the dark or something... Who knew?

-Daken heads over to X and prepares to give him a lobotomy, but is halted by the timely arrival of Papa Wolvie.

Since I have already read the next(and final)part of this storyline in an issue of Wolverine Origins, I can tell you with confidence that Daken DOESN'T stab X in the head and that Wolvie and Daken leave together and become a happy family... For about 1 issue. Hey, 1 issue is something at least. Daken then turns on Wolvie, joins up with Cyber, reveals that he was secretly working with Wolvie the whole time, double-crosses BOTH Cyber and Wolvie, kills Cyber, joins the Dark Avengers AS Wolvie, hires the Tinkerer, steals a shard of the samurai sword that killed Sabretooth a while back, and prepares to undergo the same process that gave Wolvie his Adamantium coating back in the Weapon X program. How's that for a quick synopsis of the past several issues of Wolverine Origins! As for this comic, I'll give it a score of 4 1/2 out of 10. Wolverine defeats Shaw by shutting off the lights??? Wha-huh??? On the plus side, hopefully this is the last we'll see of Miss Sinister... BRING BACK MR. SINISTER DAMMIT!!!

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