Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not really much going on here...

I really don't have any new reviews to post, so I figure I'll just shoot the breeze instead. If I wasn't so lazy, I could post a couple of retro reviews, but you know, the laziness... Last night after my last post, I finished up the last few issues of the Runaways, which were pretty lousy, as usual, but I think the next issue welcomes a new creative team, so I'm hopeful things will turn around in this series. I also read a couple of Superboy comics and I have to say, they were terrible! Last year after I finished off the Young Justice series, I so enjoyed the heroes on that team that I went out and procured the full Impulse and Superboy series'. I read the Impulse comics first, and I liked them. They weren't as good as the Young Justice comics, but they were alright. Then I started reading Superboy... I think I managed to get through the first 50 issues or so before I stopped reading them because they were SO bad. The stories were idiotic and Superboy's dialogue was probably some of the worst dialogue I've ever read in a comic book. He would speak like some kid from the early 90's trying desperately to seem cool, but failing miserably. I've got about 25 more issues to go before I can put those comics away for good, and I have to say I can't wait to be done with that horrid series!

Hmm, what else can I post... I finally decided to buy the Infamous video game for my PS3, mainly due to the heavy super-hero/villain aspect to it. The story is that you're this guy with electricity powers, and you choose to act either good(save civilians, etc.)or evil(fry civilians, etc.). Needless to say, I'll probably embrace the darkside and toast those suckers! I ordered from Amazon.com, so by Thursday, Friday I should finally have a new game to play. The last new game I purchased was NHL 09 last September, and I can't even play it anymore because it's broken... I don't know how it broke, but there's a nice hairline crack right near the hole in the center.

And that's just about that. I'll probably put a few posts up at the other blog, spend about an hour scanning some comic books, before grabbing a couple of older comics and calling it a night. Now onto the picture blog!

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