Friday, June 26, 2009

Teen Titans #71

Ah, it's an issue of the Teen Titans... There was a time when I couldn't wait to read the new issues of this series. Unfortunately that all changed around the time Geoff Johns left this comic and Sean McKeever took over the writing duties. That's not to say I don't like Sean's writing, because I thoroughly enjoyed his work over at Marvel, I just haven't liked his run on the Teen Titans at all. The current line-up of this team is horrible, and unless Tim Drake/Wayne, Bart Allen and Superboy plan on returning to the team anytime soon, I don't expect things to improve.

-This comic was heavy on Ravager. What do I say to that? YAY!!!

-We begin with Ravager sitting on top of Titans Tower pondering what to do with her life. Naturally, Red Devil wanders over like a puppy dog and hangs out with Ravager for a while. Devil asks Ravager to return to the Titans, but Rose is undecided if she should, or more to the point, if she could rejoin the Teen Titans, especially with Wonder Girl leading the team.

-Eventually, Ravager and Wonder Girl have a conversation, and naturally it goes poorly, with Rose throwing Superboy's death in Cassie's face. Uber-pissed off at Ravager's words, Cassie walks away, and Rose decides she wants to stick around long enough to see if Bombshell is planning on betraying the team again.

-To this end, Ravager accompanies Bombshell on a prisoner transfer to Alcatraz. Rose bates Bombshell into attacking her and during the fight, Bombshell breaks the device that was dampening the powers of the villain being transferred, some mook named the Regulator, who is able to drain super-human powers. With Bombshell's powers gone, Ravager easily defeats her and after some questioning, Ravager learns that Bombshell wasn't planning on betraying the Titans again.

-By now, Wonder Girl has figured out that Ravager was plotting something, and along with the rest of the Titans, WG rushes to the scene and once again argues with Ravager over Ravager's actions. Ravager goes back to the Tower and is once again followed by Red Devil. Ravager says good-bye to Devil, explaining that she doesn't belong with the Titans anymore, before heading off alone, still looking for her place in life.

I've always liked Ravager, so for the most part I did enjoy this story. Of course I'd have been happier had Ravager decided to stick around to breathe some life into the boring members of this team, but alas, that was not to be.

Personally I found it kind of strange that Sean decided to spotlight Ravager when there were so many other characters who are actually on this team that could have used the spotlight. For example, over the past few issues, Aquagirl, Static, Miss Martian and Kid Eternity have joined the team. Any one of these characters(well, except for the Martian, she's boring no matter how you slice it)would have benefited from some extra attention. I know NOTHING about Aquagirl, save what I read in the Terror Titans mini-series, ditto for Static, and my knowledge of Kid Eternity is equally shaky. Why not dedicate an issue to these three newcomers, as opposed to a character who was just passing through? For a score, I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10. Although nothing overly exciting happened here, this was still one of the better issues of this series in quite some time. With no Ravager next month(save for the Second Feature)I expect this series to return to its normal sucky status quo.

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